On this second week of teaching experience reflection, I will explain my teaching process in one of secondary school around Jakarta. Since I only have 4×45’ minutes to teach so, I got 2 meetings for teaching.

I taught about Quadratic Equation in ten grade students. Over all of students were not so enthusiastic in learning mathematics. I can see it clearly by the way they responded to teacher’s explanation. Beside that, they tend to be calm in math class, no demand, relax and passive and also do not understand what teacher taught. As for me, that was bad characteristics of effective classroom. Therefore, I was going to do something to encourage them to participate actively to promote learning.

First teaching was on early morning at 6.30 A.M. I was so nervous at all since my boarding house is far away. I did not want to be late to build their positive impression to me. I have prepared everything the day before to treat them so they can participate actively in learning. I opened the classroom by introducing myself who I am and asked them to write their name on sticky paper and stick it to the place I could easily see. Then, I explained about the rule of today, which is everyone who asks, comment, clarify, explain, or critic about quadratic equation will get a star. Student who has the most stars will be rewarded by something inside a box ( I use my iPhone box 🙂 ). On the process, I felt so happy because most of them scrambled to get the chance to asks, comment, clarify, explain, or critic the quadratic equation. Well, the reward is so works.  I was so excited knowing that. I thought that the box of the prize made them more enthusiastic.  I also asked them to work in-group but I was not happy for that. It was my fault; due to the time will over I did not focus on making sure that they discussed about quadratic equation. I went around classroom but when I looked for one group, I don’t know what was going on in another group. I am not satisfies with this condition. I want all of them really participate in every work, both individual and group.

Second teaching is also conducted my using rewards to gain more students’ participation. Because unsatisfied to the last group discussion, I asked every group to present their work in front of the class. The representative of each group must be the one who never get the star from me. It was work but not totally work because there still students who never get stars in that class. I realized that I cannot force every students to participate but at least I have do something to encourage some of them who need a boost to promote their learning.

My master teacher praise what I am doing. He said that there is a significant change from some students in that class regarding class participation. He can see it clearly. The best thing from what he said is he wanted to learn from what I have done in his class. He thought that my method is work. He wants to try as well. I am so happy for that because we cannot find easily the in-service teacher who has a willingness to learn from the pre-service teacher. Thank you Master teacher :).

I am in love in teaching, so much. This semester teaching practice, I taught in solo. I prepared everything alone. I have a class. I have the students. They were listening to me. That was so amazing. Heart is completely involved. It is so teacher as a profession. Finally, I felt it. Thank you so much to Ibu Mima :). I learned so much in this teaching experience.

I believe the more I teach, the more I learn to be a teacher.

Vanny Septia Efendi