Week Fifth: Teaching Experience
Welcome to the real class!!. Yah, at fifth session of MMSEL course, we aren’t lecturing or studying at campus, but we study at real class, it means that we will find between theory that we have learnt in class and with the reality.
Unfortunately, at SMAN 71 Jakarta, my friends and I don’t teach yet at first week, because all students have mid exam test, in fact we are allowed to teach students at next week (second week of our School Experience). However, there are so many things that we can do in utilize of School experience time.
At the first meeting with my master teacher, we arrange our schedule and we are talking about the students, and he said that almost of student’s score in math are very low, read: lower than KKM . In the middle of conversation, I ask to him what are the factor which is cause that problem towards student’s score? He said that the students have low motivation and interesting towards learning math, although there is still some of students who are interested in learning math, but the ratio between them are different highly.
Yeah, motivation and interesting in learning math is still being trends issues towards mathematics subject. For this case, I cannot say that student’s score which is low are caused by low of motivation or interesting, because I don’t observe them yet. Nevertheless, based on my teaching experience t the previous semester, I also thought at the different school, namely: SMAIT Nurul Fikri. The student’s motivation, interesting, and enthusiasm towards learning math are still not too different with this school (SMAN 71). Then, I want to find out the causes, and the important thing is we can provide a way to solve the problem.
On the other hand, in this week there are so many case which is happened to myself. Began with first day of school experience, I receive a short message which is told that my Grandfather have passed away . And the two day after tomorrow, I also received a short message from my father (morning) which is said that my grandmother’s disease is getting more seriously. I’m shock  and wanna go home. My motivation seems like lost suddenly, I cannot think anything. And, I’m more shock when I receive SMS at the night which is told that my grandmother has passed away. I’m really sad and cannot do anything, just cry and be alone. I cannot motivate myself. Fortunately, I have a lot of friends which is always motivate and support me. For me, it means that external motivation is very needed at that time, because I think I can motivate myself by myself. Ext and Intrinsic motivation have to be balanced 
I have lost my grandpa and grandma at one week. One thing that I wanna ask to you all, please pray the best for them 
I’m very sorry, if in my fifth reflection seems like “Curhat”, because all of event are affected to my school experience progress. Thank you 