They are beautiful in their ways 🙂

Oh oh oh… so many things that I want to share with you guys 😀 but sometimes, my head is running out faster than my finger T.T that’s why sometimes I need to talk directly than to write.

Okay, let’s start talking about Teaching Experience 🙂

The first observation…

–      In the beginning,

What do you think when you entered in to a class which that class had a very well organized, the students kept silent and gave all the attention to the teacher’s explanation, there was no student who operating handphone, almost there was no student who did chit chat, etc?

I just can say, -wonderful- haha 😀 and I found it, guys.

But my brain said….

“It’s so different with my previous experience in TE. This condition is desirable by almost all of teachers who like a –tranquility- (read: teacher who like to explain the material in front of the class with the students pay attention to the teacher, listen without noise or talk with friends).  But, this is the condition which is feared by the teacher who dislikes that tranquility alias teacher who likes the students doing -chit chat- (read: teacher who like the students discuss with friends, solve problem in a group, give opinions, conclude any conclusion by themselves than just sit in their chairs).”

–      Thirty minutes elapsed,

Yaps, this is a basic human needs sih ya –communicate each other-. Finally, after a long time in that silence condition, they begin issuing their actions. The action was not like you think –action-. Like other students as usual when they foud any difficulties in understanding what the teacher was explained, they started to –a little bit- did discussion with their peers. The more students did not understand the more students who did discussion. But again, that discussion was not like we known about –discussion-. The discussion that they did almost can we say –whispered-. Hehehe,, it is funny.

Finally, the teacher realized that there were many students who ‘discussed’. She tapped the marker to the white board so that students paid attention to her. The teacher explained again some parts which were not understood yet by the students with slowed voice rhythm, more steady intonation,   and more clear articulation. In the end, all students said that they already understand.

My brain said…,

”wow, it is a real well-organized class ya… 🙂

–      Sixty minutes elapsed,

Teacher gave an exercise which was done by the students. This time, I was happy enough because the students did discussion again with their friends in solving the problem. The teacher also went around checking students’ understanding and also helping the students when they found any difficulties. I like this condition when the class was not quite enough and not noisy enough (read: average).

Teacher gave the next ten exercises…

–      Class hours completed,

The last exercise became homework.

My brain said…

“still the same with my experience in school. Last exercise become homework…:D and no comment about this :p”


The second observation…

–      In the first hour,

Teacher discussed the homework. She asked some students to go in front of the class and write their answers in the white board. After finish in writing, every student presented their writing, explained to their friends about the steps how they could solve the problem. The last student who presented, asked to his friends, “sudah paham kan?”, and almost all of students in the class said that “beluuuuumm….”, “ga ngertiii….”, etc. Teacher told the student to sit in his chair. Teacher explained again about the steps to solve the last problem. Teacher asked the students whether they understood or not and all students said that they do understood.  Awkward moment.

My brain said…

“The steps that the teacher explained were the same with the last student who explained. The language was the same, the arrangement of the words was also almost the same, the order of the steps were also the same, but why when with their friend, they said “did not understand” and with their teacher they said “understand” ??? awkward,, “

–      In the second hour,

In these 45 minutes left, teacher used the time for doing the remedial. There were only 3 students who could pass the test before. Loh? Just three? Yes.. just three 🙂

My brain said…

“In the previous observation, I saw that students could do the exercises well, they also said that they already understood, now why this condition could happen? :o”

I decided to interview the three of students who did not follow the remedial in outside the class. They said that they prefer the teacher who explained in front of the class then doing discussion with friends. They also said that the method that the teacher used was good and clear enough, easy to be understood. They said that they like mathematics. So, what’s the problem????

““I really could not understand how this can be happen T.T”

And my reflection was ended with a big question L I hope, I could find the answer and completed my reflection after I do the teaching experience by myself next week 🙂

Quote for today,

I do believe that, “Every student has their own ways to learn and understand something. They are beautiful in their own ways 🙂

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