This is 3rd teaching experiences. This semester I will teach at Tarsisius 2 Senior High School.

On Monday, when briefing with master teacher, he told us about the students background. He said that most of their students are come from broken home family. It makes me confused how to teach them especialy, he ask them do not angry to  them. It make me thinking more about my stategy to teach them. And the day coming.. Firstly,I am very nervous. When I come to the class with my master teacher, the students closed the door and then ask to the master teacher “You can’t come  in to this class, Ibu Cantik.. We dont want to learn.” You know what, I am very down when they said like that to the master teacher. I think they can do like that to my master teacher, so what can they do to me?? I am very afraid they can bully me more that they did to my master teacher. But the most interesting thing when my master teacher said to the teacher that they will learn not with her but with me, new teacher. They open the door then, and ask me to come in to the class. When I introduced my self to them, they listen to me and then I ask them to ask something about me. They ask about my status (my relationship status) and they ask about my phone number. Of course I didn’t give my number to them. Hahaha J After introduced my self, I asked them to introduce their selves to me. From that activity I know that my students very noisy, hyperactive, and really want someone to attention to them.

Then when the lesson was started, they look unenthusiasm, look very sleepy. They want to play the game till the end of the lesson. After explain about the matter, I divide them in to group. This group based on their performance at class till the mid term. ( I used mix ability group) Then I give the worksheet (I conduct this worksheet with guided inquiry) to derive the abc formula. In the first second, they look enthusiasm to work in group, but the rest of the time, they very busy with their own activity. Like disturbing their friends, and then chit chat with other. Then after that activity, I ask them to prepare their group to compit with other group. In that game I ask them to solve the problem as sson as possible to get the best point. Then if they are finish with the first problem, then can continue to the next problem, so on until the problems run out. An dthe winner (the faster and the most correct answer gat the reward) the reward is .. “ It’s secret. I will not tell you the reward or the punishment untill we finish this game.” I asked. Then one student said “ Ah Ibu main rahasia-rahasiaan, kalo gitu kita juga mau ngerahasiain jawaban kita.” I was very shock with her answered. But I ignored what she said. And the class end.

At kos-kosan. I think again about the stategy to teach them for the next meeting. And finally I get the solution. Want to know?? What have I done to those students?? I will tell you later.  Hehehehehe  J

This teaching experience is the most colorful, and the most challanging, and the moost impressive for me. Because, this is the first time I teach senior high class, and I got the challanging students than my collegues in the same school. I really enthusiasm to teach. And from the first meeting, it more motivated me to teach them, unmotivated students. And actually, they divide to the class based on their rank.  I just want they are success with their lesson, and they more confidance with their abilities. Because they know that they come from low ability class. I want them to believe that they are same with students in class A. That they are smart. Like I said to them.

for the next meeting, I will conduct activities so that they can more motivated in class.