In this week, we (SSE students) are doing teaching experience and Classroom Action Research. So, I will explain about my experience on my teaching in SMA N 44 especially that related with MMSEL course, about students’ motivations to learn.
Actually, in the first week in the SMA N 44, I only did observation in Social class and interviewed master teacher, Mrs. Santi. Unfortunately, when I was observe in social class, the class during mid test remedial. So, I can’t observe maximally. How the teaching and learning process, how teacher give students motivations to learn, how teacher guide students to follow her. But, I won’t my day in SMA N 44 is not get meaning. I try to find the other information how students raise their motivation to learn.
My friend, Shopia and I did interview master teacher. I asked to her, how to motivated students to learn. She said that, to motivate her students she has to know what the students need. For example if student not already yet to study, she can explain the story or give students information about anything. After, she gains students, and students already to learn, she can star to learn. Besides that, she said that she have to be like a friend for her students. It can make she become closer with her students. If students seem like bored to learn mathematics, she also can stop and back to story and make students relax. So, because of that, many students like Mrs. Santi. I also have interview students and they said that Mrs. Santi is a enjoy teacher. They said that, she can understand them.
I think that each person has a different way to motivate others. Also I have a different way how to motivate my students. Next week, I will do teaching experience. I will teach social class about Combination topic. I have to prepare my material well, also have to prepare how to motivate students. Because social class, based on my observation that social class is very “berisik”. Also, 75 % from members of students in 1 Social class has remedial in mathematics. I think that they lack of motivation to learn mathematics. So, it is can be my challenging. I prepare to do a something different way to teach mathematics. In the first, students watch video about Chance. It can gain students’ attention. After that, to started learning I will give students Problem in the first (PBL), I think it can stimulate students thinking. Then, I also use lecturing to give explanation. In the middle of lesson, I also prepare some ice breaking. Yeah, I hope it will make students not bored, understand the lesson also can motivate them.