This is the first week of my two weeks teaching experience in this semester. I am very excited when I know that I am going to teach at SMA Tarsisius II.

Before officially starting my teaching experience weeks, I came to see the school and spoke to the principle. The principle is a very kind and wise man. He welcomes us very well. He explains to us the regulation and the dress code. This school has very strong belief that “teaching by heart is the most important thing”. He strongly remind us that during our teaching there we are not allowed to get angry at the students. I like this motto so much. I agree that teaching should come from heart not in any pressure condition. For the dress code for teachers here are very unique. It’s different each day: blue for Monday, red for Tuesday, yellow for Wednesday, any color for Thursday and the last one is Batik for Friday. He also gives us the standard competence and basic competence we have to cover during our teaching. One good thing is that He allows us to try any kind of methods we want. That is a great relief. I have planned many things in my head before coming.

I teach there with my colleagues: Eritha, Arum and Firzie. We four are all from Math Department. We are divided in two groups, Arum and I get to teach in Eleventh Grade Social Science Class. Both of us teach the same topic for two different parallel classes. So, we decided to work together in developing the learning materials and so on. Although all of us are supposed to do the teaching experience alone in the class, but I think discussing the topic together before teaching is a good practice for us.

Actually, we have to do observation before teaching. But, there is no much time to observe. So, our master teacher asks us to start teaching from the very beginning we come to the school. I am very glad that our master teacher is a very kind woman. She guides us a lot in every thing during the period. She always observes our teaching and gives us feedback each time we teach.

This time teaching experience, we are asked to also do a classroom action research. I didn’t get a chance to observe my class before hand. But, the principle is very helpful. He tells me some important information about my students. He says that these kids are mostly come from ‘broken family‘ so they need extra care here. These students are usually come to school without clear motivation on what they are going to be in the future. In other words, they don’t have dreams. I ask these matter to my master teacher and what she says are more or less the same as that.

I learn that my students probably have low motivation to learn in school. So I try to plan many activities to uphold that. I also consult my plan to my colleagues in campus and my lectures.

I am planning to make my students work in group and I want to see their motivation to learn during my teaching using this method.

I have there classes a week with them. Two of the class being on the end of the school day makes it becomes even more challenging. Imagine, studying Mathematics at that hour? They must be already tired. 😦 But, I have planned many things for them. I arrange my plan also on reflection of what happen in Arum’s class before. My class is scheduled after Arum’s class.

The topic that I taught on this week is Combination and Probability. Some activities that I have tried in the class are:

1. Domino Card Game

This game is made to help students recalling their prior knowledge before entering the new material. They really like playing this game 😀

2. Group Discussion
There are worksheet that need to be discussed in group. They have to complete the worksheet and the group score will be included on the TGT score.

3. TGT and Quiz
I introduce them the TGT (Team Games Tournament) system where every member is responsible to contribute for their group. So they have to make sure all of the members understand the material on the group discussion because there will be individual quiz in the end of the class. The quiz is also contribute to their group’s score for TGT score.

This is the standing position for the group’s klasement. By doing this, I hope that my students will be more engaged in the group activities because they will have goal in every activity which is getting more score to raise their group’ position. So, they are not only learning the lesson but also learn how to work together and compete each other.
Students are also asked to do “status update” before starting the class. This can help me to understand what’s on their mind at that time.

4. Volly Ball Game
I also prepared a game for them to assess their understanding on a topic. The game is a match between two groups. Each group hold their own questions list to be asked one another. Right answer will be awarded 100 points. Group with the highest score wins the game.

Their reaction to this method:
Overall, I see from their reflection in the end of each meeting that most of them enjoy learning with this kind of method.

Teaching is never simple. I have planned many things, but sure not all of my plan run smoothly. There always be some adjustment here and there when I apply it in my class. I have to always consider about their reaction. I can not force them to follow all my plan as I wish. I am still learning. I Hope that I can get more in the next one week. I love teaching! I LOVE MY CLASS! I even dream about my class and students these following days. 😀