This week I did teaching experience in 71 high school. My friend and I meet with master teacher in library. We introduce our self to master teacher. We ask him that we must to do classroom observation, but we could not observe the class because this week is school exams. So we will teach and do observation for next week.

I just did an interview with the master teacher. This is the result.

I ask the teacher about students who are not interested in math. Teacher says that there are students who pretend to work on the worksheets when teachers see him. Teachers know that he did not do the worksheets then the teacher came to him, but he did not want teacher see that he was not working, so he just pretends. I think he has a performance avoidance goal, he wants to look good in front of teachers, and he did not want the teacher judged him that he is lazy son.

After that I asked him how he was teaching in the classroom, he said that he still uses traditional methods in teaching. In every class LCD is available, but he did not use LCD in learning he admitted that he was stuttering technology. ‘So if you want to use the lcd it is a good idea’ he said.

I prepare my lesson plan for next week. I discuss it with master teacher. He not gives comment he just agree with my lesson plan. I know that Mathematics is not a very interesting subject which makes it hard for students to keep their attention to what they are learning. As a candidate teacher I have a goal, which is to find innovative ways to teach students mathematics concepts while letting them do activities, makes students interest with mathematics, and not spend as much time on instruction.

 That’s all my reflection for this week. thanks 🙂

Anugrah Meti Suryani (2009110021)