My Reflection in this time is quietly different from the previous reflection. Why? I did not learn in MMSEL class this week because of School Experience program then I have to go to the school. Although I did not learn in MMSEL class, I could learn a lot from the actual situation or circumstances that occur in the classroom. And I want to share with you guys through this paper.
I am doing school experience at one high school in Jakarta. let’s call it by “A”. In this week, I did three observations are in class XI of science, class XI of social and Class XA with two different teachers, let’s call them by Mr. P and Mr. Q. Mr. P teach in class XI of science and class XI of social while Mr. Q teach in class X-A. This observation is one of the duties of MMSEL. it is observations about the motivation of students in the classroom.

There is no special when I observed Mr. P because of mathematical topics in class XI is up. So, Mr. P only did recalling and gave exercises on topics that have been learned before. When I observed in class XI of science, the students were so enthusiastic about the exercises provided by Mr. P. Almost all students who totaled 22 people to respond even though only a little asking and answering. This situation is different with the case when I did observation in class XI of Social, from 34 students, 7 people are not present in class. Huh … what’s wrong? Where were 7 students? I did not ask Mr. P because I did not want to disturb him who was teaching. I thought students’ enthusiastic in this class was a bit lacking when compared to class XI of science because students want to answer when they were appointed, or asked to answer, they just shut up and chatting with friends.
Once out of the classroom, Mr. P explained to me about the situation in class XI IPS because I am going to do teaching practice in the class at the next meeting. He said that the students in class XI of Social is a bit low in comparison with the class XI of science, so I was asked to understand about it. In addition, he informed that there is an autistic student in the class but students are not included when I did observation earlier.
In the afternoon, I did observation in class XA, of course, the class is taught by Mr. Q. Before entering the classroom, Mr. Q said that “what will you see in the classroom is not a good example for you as a prospective teacher ….” I got confused with the intention of him but at that moment I could only conclude that every teacher has a style different teaching.
I was impressed when he put on a strategy of “Back Forward” when describing the material of the quadratic equation to the students. However I was surprised with the way he asked his students. I will not tell you in detail about this, but as an example: there was a student who asked to Mr. Q about his friend’s writing on the whiteboard. Mr. Q did not answer what was asked by the student but the teacher asked back to the student “What did you understand?” If I became a student, I would think twice if I want to ask Mr. Q. I would rather be silent than to ask because I already know that I will not accept the answer, otherwise I will get the question from Mr. Q. Hufh

That’s all for my story during the observation. I have not interviewed anybody. Thus, I cannot conclude anything about how the way of the teacher to motivate the students. What is your opinion about my story…???