One of the differences between our campus and other campus regulation is about Teaching Practice in a school. Students in other campus usually get Teaching Practice in the school when they are in sixth semester, but in Sampoerna School of Education we have Teaching Practice in the school since we were in first semester, in every fifth and sixth week of each semester. And as previous semester, in this semester we do Teaching Practice in fifth and sixth week. So, this fifth and sixth reflection of MMSEL course will be talk about our experience in teaching practice that relate with Motivation and Management of Students For Effective Learning (MMSEL).
In this semester, I get the opportunity to Teaching Practice in SMAN 71 Jakarta which located on Duren Sawit Jakarta Timur. Every day we have to take three times of public transportation to get this school. It is so tiring actually.
Actually the students in this school were still doing midterm exam during our first week in this school, so we could not do any teaching practice in our first week. As a risk, we have to do all four times teaching practice in the second week, it will be make us busier and tire in the second week. Fortunately Namirah, teh Ulfah and I got a master teacher who really cares with us. His name is Pak Kemas Syamsudin We have already determined will teach in what class. I get two social classes that will be taught, such as XI IPS 3 and XI IPS 4. Pak Kemas told us that in social class, the students are noisier and lack of respect. Its look like they are not needs mathematics, and there is no intrinsic motivation in their self to learn mathematics. So, Pak Kemas reminds us to be more active and engage them in learning process. He also suggests explaining the material with real life examples because it could help their reasoning and imagination for the material which is delivered. That information is help us to prepare and think about what strategy and how is the best way to teach them.
We use this first week to prepare our teaching in the second week, we create the lesson plan and consult it with Pak Kemas. He also helps us to prepare the material, he has a lot of tutorial animation CD about all mathematics material, he said that this CD could help us in teaching even he has not ever yet use it when he teach. He lends a CD that related with our material and he suggests us to use this CD in teaching. I think our master teacher is very care with us 🙂
In this first week we also told about SAS (Statistic Analysis System) in this school by the master teacher. SAS is an online system in input student’s study result in each subject. The data (student’s study result) that input with this online system will accepted by Education Office (Dinas Pendidikan) in DKI Jakarta. Our master teacher told and taught us how to operate and input the data in SAS. He asks us to input the data about Mathematics daily exam in each class that we get. Namirah and I get the eleven grade social class. We were shock when we saw their daily exam result that we will input. In one of their math daily exam, in some class there was no student complete that exam. Their mark between 23 until 70 while the standard is 75. That’s happen in some social classes. It makes us reflect “what’s wrong with them? Or what’s wrong with the teacher? Or what’s wrong with mathematics itself?”
From what we have done in this first week, we could imagine the class that we will entered later. I think that I have to make good preparation before teach them. And how is my experience in teach them? Insya Allah will be told in the sixth week reflection of MMSEL 😉
I hope I can teach them well and my CAR is success. Aamiin..