This reflection is about my experience in the first week of my teaching experience program in one of private school in Jakarta. I would try to express what I feel, what happen and what I try to reflect in my self to improve my next teaching session. This semester, this program has some different thing compare with the previous program at the last semester. Now, each student will teach four times in a regular class. I have my own class and it means I will have same students for these four meeting of the class.

I began this program with observation session. I asked my master teacher to allow me observe the class situation. I tried to explain her that I was only observing the class situation and the student’s attitude toward learning not about her teaching method. The observation session started in the last class about 12.30 PM. I thought that it was not good situation because perhaps the students were tired and they could not focus with teacher explanation.

My prediction was true. When the teacher started the class, her students were so noisy. Some students were sleep. When one of the students asked teacher explanation, the teacher spends more time to explain the explanation to that student. While the teacher focuses to only one student, other students were busy with their own activities.

Based on this observation, I made a conclusion that this class is an active class. It is very important for me as a teacher to give them a way to express their activeness. I try to create a lesson plan based on my observation result. I considered that the class was a big class and I must focus to every student.

Based on my consideration, in my first meeting I decided that I should divide the students into some groups. I should apply cooperative and collaborative learning. Actually, I am not really confident in my first session, but I thought that I am still learning. My master teacher told me that it is okay if we do mistakes, because it is a process of learning.

I was so nervous! Very nervous! Show must go on. I have planned the class activities but I was doubt that It will work or not. I try to be calm and started the class. My students respond when I was introduce my self were positive. I told them that I come from Kalimantan and they were interested to explore more about my hometown.

Then I tried to explain the lesson about probability. In the first, I could explain well, but I didn’t know I felt really nervous. I didn’t realize that I gave them wrong concept. Absolutely, I must explain to them about “kejadian saling lepas” but I explained to them “kejadian saling bebas”. I said sorry to them and I felt really shame.

I try to reflect to my self that as a teacher we must have high confidence. When a teacher felt very nervous, he will very difficult to explain although he had prepared the material. I wish that I will give better performance in my next teaching.