My first week school teaching experience was the remedial period. During the remedial week, I only allow to observe in class, and find any data that perhaps needed. That’s quite surprising that I should teach 3 classes (tenth grade class, Eleventh grade social class 2 and 3) for the next week. My master teacher follows a training that makes her not in school for that week.

The contrast experience in this teaching experience was the class. I teach social class. I guess that I will be bullied at class, since I am too unique for the ordinary human.
“Guru nya koq kecil ya” that was the first voice that I heard when I entered eleventh grade social class in one of public school in Jakarta. Hufth, I keep smiling on this, and wondering what will happen next if I teach this class. Everything change my mind, after observing the class I saw that they are enough be motivated to learn math. I just getting curios how they can be motivated as I observed. After that, I interviewed some students who are smart enough in math (students who get out in class, after they finished the test). Their answer is because of the teacher. She teaches them with passion and patient. In case, teacher will re-explain the material when the students still do not understand. I truly want to find out their motivation in learning math. It is just because their experience through teacher modeling or not? I also want to know, how if I teach with different method that teacher suggests to me.

In this reflection, I also want to share my observation result that was so interesting. The test was begun at 06.50 a clock. The first hour class, student still gets calm in solving the problem. The second hour class, they were trying to look at friend’s answer. Once when the student in front of me asks his friend about the answer, then his friend ask him to write what he said. His friend said “the answer is h+e+h+e”. He just copied the letter, while I was laughing behind them. Suddenly his friend said, “hei, why don’t you think! You just copied what I said without thinking. Actually I have not gotten the answer yet”. So, I just find the students problem about their confidence in math. They consider that their answer is wrong, they do not have enough belief that they can solve the problem. Connected to the fact that the students in that class are quite motivated to learn math, whereas they do not have enough belief to solve the problem, so I want to do a small action research for this case. The purpose of the ARE is improve their confidence in solving math problem, whether doing with or doing does not with the teacher’s guidance.

Actually I really want the next week will be more interesting for teaching 3 classes, means six meeting in a week. I also hope my question to the problem of ARE was answered.

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