Oh, this reflection will be different if compared to last reflection. If in the last, we always tell about learning process in the class, but now we will talk about our learning process in the “real field”. Yes, it is school. In the first week, I have no opportunity to enter the class and teaching practice to students because of students have mid-exam. Actually, this semester I have to go to a public school in Jakarta, it is SMAN 71 JAKARTA. The school is bigger than my senior high school and the facilitation is very complete. There is LCD and AC in every class, the rubbish placed well, the library and so on. Oh, teachers and staffs in this school also very welcome to me and my team.

In the first time, I got inform that I have to teach in grade 11 science programs. Oh, I was shocked because my friends got grade 10 and grade 11 social programs. Usually, in teaching science program the content material harder than social program. I was thinking that, how if I switch class with friends? However, I canceled my intention because I thought that when I will ready to teach? Oh, it is challenging for me. I try to collect my strength and try to motivate myself that I CAN TEACH in every condition.

Because of the school has mid-exam, so we were not allowed to come to class even for observation. So, we were staying in the library. Fortunately, my master teacher is very welcome and always gives advice. In the first day, he came to the library to meet me and my team. Then, he gives instruction to make a lesson plan and consult it. Oh, my team and I was surprise. He acted quickly. So, I made conclusion that “if my advisor in writing thesis like him, maybe I will graduate soon”. Not only about that, but also he help us in preparing the material to teach in the next week. Sure, I’m motivated him to do my best.

I think not enough to tell about his goodness in this moment. If you want, I will tell about him in another time. One day, he invited us to input the students’ score to the system. I thought that it will be beneficial for us because it is first experience and it is our opportunity to know students’ achievement in mathematics. Oh, in fact most of students didn’t pass. I try to find the reason, how can most of students have low achievement. What’s wrong? Is it about teacher? Is it about teaching method? I can’t guess it because I had not opportunity to observe first.

Based on master teacher’s explanation, students have low motivation in learning mathematics. From that information, I try to make a lesson plan which is appropriate with the class condition. I hope, students will be interest and feel comfortable in learning mathematics. I will do my best to motivate them. Motivate them equal to motivate myself. ^_^