This week reflection is a bit different compared to the last four weeks. Why? Yes, there is no lecture in this week but we go to schools to have Teaching Experience. I myself go to one public secondary school in Jakarta.

This school is quite well-built and has good facility of learning including ICT equipments inside the classroom. The extra-curricular activities are also routinely conducted. The most important thing is my master teacher welcome me and become a good advisor to me.

Sadly, during this first week, the school is having mid semester exam. I’m not allowed to observe the class simply because there is no teaching-learning activity occurs during this period. The first week will be only about lesson plan consultation and the teaching practice will be on the second week.

So, what should I write? That is the first question comes to my head while writing this reflection. Fortunately, this condition still allows me to get some information from my chit-chat with my master teacher.

This conversation happened because of one reason. One day, my master teacher asked me to input the scores of students into SAS (School Administration System). I think it was beneficial for me since I could see the students’ mark. But what a shock! All students in the class I’d handle did not pass the minimum standard of accomplishment (SKM). One thing I planned to do first: asked their teacher, which was my master teacher.

Knowing this fact, my master teacher did not seem surprised. He said that it was just usual since the students themselves did not really active in class. They were noisy and rarely pay attention to teacher’s explanation. Their weekly quiz also did not give satisfying result. I think my master teacher already had low expectation since the beginning.

Then I’m motivated. I realize that maybe these students only had not got their “proper” way of teaching. Maybe they just did not get enough chance to speak in class so that they got noisy. Maybe they just did not know what mathematics for their life. I continue to speculate.

I try to design my lesson plan responding this information. I know that I should convince them that this lesson is important for their future so that they may increase their utility value. When they think the lesson is beneficial, they will be simply motivated to do the task.

Concerning their “nature” of talkative students, I provide a chance for them to talk during group discussion. They may freely share their thought on their difficulties. I hope these actions can increase their motivation.

The class may also be very sensitive since we know students who continuously fail will have less confidence on their future result. The only way to overcome this is by providing them with scaffolding.

My goal right now is only making them motivated to learn. Hopefully these students will be motivated. I am a bit confidence maybe simply because I really believe in incremental view of intelligence. I know these students may improve with more effort. I don’t believe that there are stupid students. It is only that maybe the teacher cannot really fulfill their needs. It also happens to me. I hope the lesson plan will work with more effort. So, I’m motivated to make them motivated in class.

Namirah F