In this semester, my friends and I (intake 2009) do Teaching Experience for 2 weeks. In this time, I teach in Tarsisius 2 Senior High School. When I know about the location of that school, I am so surprised. The distance between my dormitory and that school is so far. I have to wake up early morning to arrive at school on time.  In my first day there, the principal is so kind and polite in welcoming us. He tells us about the school, curriculum, teachers, students, students’ habit, and also about students’ background family. Tarsisius 2 Senior High School is one of Catholic school in Jakarta. Tarsisius 2 Senior High School does not make academic achievement as the prior goal there, but that school prefers about students’ moral and character. That school has love as the foundation to do another activities. The principal also says to my friends and I about students’ background. Most of students in that school are come from broken family, such that they have low of motivation to learn. Then the principal state that we as a new teacher there are not allowed to get mad in the class when teaching whatever its condition. We have to remember about love that become the foundation in that school.

Then the principal read the standard competence and basic competence. I will teach in XI Social 1 class and the topic is about probability. Before teaching, I meet my master teacher to know how the class condition, students achievement, students behaviur, and also students’ motivation in learning mathematics. Then I ask about how if I apply collaborative in that class, do students want to make group and work together in group? And my master teacher says that students want to discuss in group, and also she (my master teacher) suggest me to give students easy problems of mathematics because they come from social class such that they are quite difficult to think hard in solving problem.

In the next day, Tuesday, I teach in XI Social 1 class. I have prepared my lesson plan to teach them. I will introduce my self and so do they, we begin the class with domino game, they enjoy my class. And also, I ask them to learn in group and discuss together. Group works are running well, each group solving and collect their work on time. But actually, there are some students that do not follow the discussion process. They are only silent and do nothing. Then I find a problem here is about students’ motivation in learning math (either work individually or in group) such that they are more active when working in group. In the end of class, I separate reflection paper about my teaching today to the students. Most of them say that my teaching method by grouping and games that related to the topic is so fun, they are not sleepy, become active and enthusistic to work in group. From these reflection papers, I know that actually they are fun when learning in group but I have to make a competition and give reward to increasse their activeness and contribution in their own group.

In my second teaching, I modify my teaching. I divide class into 4 heterogeneous groups that consist of 6 students. Each group has a leader who responsible for the other members. Then I separate worksheet, each group will get 6 different questions. One student solve one question and then they will share their answer to the other members in group. I use that method so that all members have their own task and responsible to solve their own task. Then, I begin the competition between groups. All members have to be active and answer my question. Students who have answered question do not allowed to answer twice. They have to give the chance to the other members in group to contribute their answer. I see that students so enthusistic when I do the competition. Actually they can increasse their motivation to learn mathematics by new method, such as competition between group and give them reward at the end of meeting. They need more extrinsic motivation than instrinsic motivation to learn mathematics.

As a teacher candidate, I always learn how to bulid and increasse students’ motivation to learn mathematics. I will apply interesting method in my teaching such that they are fun and enjoy the learning,  but I have to pay attention about the material, not only focus in building students’ motivation. Both of them (content and motivation) have to be run balanced.

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Arum Febriani (2009110029)