My first week of tecahing experience i got lots of stiry, here they are…

My master teacher said that she used to use group-discussion, but it is useless because later after the group discussion she should explain all material (all the students did not understand what their peers said and they wonder their peers’s explaination was right or wrong.

The class that i observed XI IPA 3 was “kinesthetic class”, they always go here and there. My master teacher said that this class is the most “do not care to teacher said” from all science class. Once when i observed the class, it was too noisy, they still talking to their friend, feels like we are invicible, they even did not greeting my master teacher. They block all way so we cannot go through teacher’s desk. They notice that we (my master teacher and i) were there but they stay still on the floor while chatting to their friends and did not get back to their seat. Hence we can only wait for them to get back to their chair in front of the door for 15 minutes. 15 minutes later students still talking and did not get back to their seat. Hence my master teacher grab her teaching tools and asked me to leave the class and go back to “basecamp”. One student acknowledge my master teacher’s feeling so he came approaching her and asked her “miss, where are you going? Miss did not teaching my class?”

And my master teacher said “for what purpose i should teach your class? I was there and you still sit on the floor, how could i teach students like that. No class today accept your punishment”. Another student came and said “aaahhh miss BT, why are you like that” suddenly my master teacher said “i always hear you said that to me, you should be careful of what you said, what makes you felt that i am boring?” and the first student said “miss, come back and teach my class”. My master teacher “what for? Ask the secretary to write it on white board, do it as your homework”. Another said “ aaaaa… miss let go to the class”. Finally my master teacher said “OK but i would not accept that kind of behavior again, when the bell rang you should get back to your seat, understand?”. Both students said “ yes, miss”.

When i enter the class, it was extremely no voice and sound, so quite (i wondered noisier in the grave, haha  ). Then i go to the back row and sit there and started to observe the class. When i observed XI IPA 3, i found a students that sit in front of me who has high curiosity, it indicates by when one of his friend came front of the class to solve problem there (he was asked by my master teacher) but his friend got the wrong way to solve, he said “ oh no, it is sin a cos b+cosa sin b, change it hurry!!” of course his friend cannot heard what he said since his friend was stand in front of the class and he sat on the last row.

My master teacher gave a problem to the class and asked students to do it. This person (the one who has high curiosity) do it while making sound. He got confused with his work so he asked his friend suddenly my master teacher said “ A (name of this person) what are you doing? No chatting, do your task!” then he back to his work while grumbling “oh no, i confused with this one (and he ask his friend which sat in front of him) eh, explain it to me” his friend said “ask others” then he asked to others and the response was do not want to explain because afraid of my master teacher. His friend suggest to ask it to teacher but he replied that he cannot understand teacher explanation, he will understand if explain by friends, and others who heard his response directly said “hu-um, i agree”.

From observation, i found that the teacher do punishment to control the class and from one of questioner students felt like their work is not get enough appreciation from teacher, because they never get feedback from what they have done.

Richa Fatimah (2009110007)