In this fifth week, I don’t have regular meeting with MMSEL in campus. It’s because all of section A members go to school to have teaching practice. I do teaching practice in SMA Regina Pacis Jakarta. Do you know where it is? SMA Regina Pacis is a private school which located in Slipi, near intersection of Slipi Petamburan about one hundred meters. Teaching practice is part of activities in my school experience.

Before I do teaching practice, I do observation to know how my master teacher teaches in the class. I did observation at the first day of my first week in SMA Recis (Regina Pacis). I got XI IPA 2 Class along my school experience in this semester. I entered to the class and was welcomed by greeting from students in the class. Then, I was asked to introduce myself first before observed. I introduced myself and then I was given a chair in the back part of class to do observation.

In the beginning of learning, teacher directly instructed the students to answer some questions inside of their mathematics book. The teacher monitored students’ work. Till the last half hour, then some of students were instructed to go ahead to write down their answers in the black board and discussed it with class. Along my sight, I saw that the learning was a bit monotone, just answer questions and then instruct students to go ahead to write down their answer. I saw some students didn’t have motivation to join in the learning process. Some of them were sleepy and also did “other activities” when teacher instructed them to answer questions. Those how I indicate that they lacked of motivation in their learning. After the end of the class, I asked some of them related with their opinion about that to strengthen my assumption. All of them said that the last learning was very boring. It’s monotone because they didn’t do new things beside answering questions and going ahead to share.

Based on that kind of problem that I got from my observation, I looked for any other ways to make students interested to learn mathematics because the next meeting was my turn to be “an artist” in the class. That day was Wednesday. It’s mean that that was my turn to teach my real class. I entered to the class. First activity that I did was introduction. I had a quotation to this activity –Not know you, the love will never happened because knowing is the beginning of love. In the introduction, I instructed each of students to say their name and principle/motto. The goal of saying their each principle/motto was to share their spirit and to motivate themselves and their class before learning begun. Obviously, each of them had a very meaningful motto. I surprised on it. Then, I closed the introductory session by knowing their interest on mathematics. I asked them, ”Who do not like mathematics? Please raise your hand. It’s not part of assessment. I just want to know.” You know what happened? No body raised their hands. It’s mean that all of them like mathematics. Then, I just added words, “Everyone is blessed ‘love’ by God. I never demand each of you to love mathematics, but I demand you to master mathematics. If you can love your boyfriend or girlfriend, why not to do the same thing with mathematics. Do you know that ‘love is a strong empowerment to get greatness of your life’?” Soon, after that the class condition becomes lonely and directly they give applause.

Along my teaching, I got a new thinking that actually the most important thing to make students motivate to learn is the teacher itself, exactly the teacher’s inner beauty. Teacher has to be energetic and full of wise in the teaching and learning process. Teacher has to be able to transfer the positive energy to the students in the learning. It’s impossible to motivate the students if the teacher has not motivation first. Teacher has to be able to be a motivator, at least for his/her students. Those that I got from my first teaching practice in SMA Recis. Last, I also instructed some of students to share their motivation words in four last meeting with me. Okay Guys, hope it will be useful for you all and wait for my next sharing in my life good moment in SMA Recis. See you 🙂