This week during the observation and experience, it was very exciting experiences. Actually, I only have two meetings for teaching students, and this week I already use it once. I got one class to teach science class. The first day in that school, I enter the class and do observations. The students in this class are enthusiast and high motivate to do teacher instructions and also do the problems in textbook, but still in my own observation, I haven’t really measure it, even I didn’t know what kind of motivation in this class majority student had. Is it extrinsic or intrinsic, what beliefs that they had, what goals that they had, even what their needs. However, based on my observation, extrinsic motivation is not the biggest part of their motivation because teacher didn’t give any rewards or punishments.

I also asked to the math teacher in order to complete my data to teach next day which one student with high or low ability, and how their motivation, but the teacher really didn’t understand enough about my purpose, so he just said this class is average high achievement and high motivation, and I little bit gave up because for the second try he just did the same. Might be what my master teacher said is true based on the observation. Then, I decided to ask recommendation from the Classroom Teacher (CT) and he just do the same when the math teacher around us, but then he gave me the recommendation..hehe…

I just experienced by myself, I thought them by this Friday… so exciting because they have high motivation. Since I should teach only 2×40 minutes, the time is so limited till my time end, the students still busy with the task. Through my master teacher excuse, I continue till 3X40 minutes, and we went to the next activities…TGT…for resume the lesson. You know what?? I even felt overwhelmed to handle these students. With their high efforts and motivation even the time is over they still tried to answer the question till the end. They just compete to be the best group that day, each of them tried hard and don’t want to be stop. This shown how they tried to be the best (performance goals)…

As well, when I asked them to do exercise individually, some students that have been done with their work tried other problems by themselves. It makes me feel wow.. how enthusiast they are..i felt amazed to them. Even I would just did what teacher said at the past, no more problems… it’s impress how they really want to master math, might be there are some students who don’t like math..but, they tried to master it rather than let it…they have mastery goal with it. Even without giving them any rewards, they do by themselves….so impressive.

Even till now I haven’t met students with low motivation in this class, is it because their friends? Their environment or what? I still need dig deeper with my class. Or might be there are some but they pretend?? I really haven’t got the exact data about this. However, I tried to do my best not stimulate by rewards because my consideration that they already had high motivation and I don’t want to undermine it by rewards. I’ll let them explore, learning and improve their intrinsic motivation. My big question now…make me curious…what is their beliefs?? Is it because they in science class, then they should learn math?? Is it what their thinking about?? (attainment value)….or they really want to master it?? Now, I’d like to focus to this and try to treat them as well as I could.

Keep learning 🙂