This reflection is going to be different because this reflection is about the Teaching Experience!!!!

I got my Teaching Experience in one of Catholic School in Jakarta. I really like this school because the school environment is lovely. They are all really kind to SSE students. And also this class have 3 hours to learn maths in a week, therefore I will get 6 times in that class. 1 meeting for observation and another 5 is for my teaching experience. Let me tell you what happen in this week.

In the last two TE, I always got the social students classes and for my TE now, I got science students J. I was really curious about those children.

The first day of TE, I introduced my self in the teachers’ room in front of the teachers. I quite shocked because we have and obliged to sits together in the teachers room. Then I have to observe my class on the last hour of the school time.

When the class started, I entered the classroom and introduced my self. Then I sat in the back and see what’s going on in the teaching and learning process at that day. The material is about reviewing the homework about trigonometry. The class-learning situation is really conducive but the method that teacher used are really traditional. The teacher only doing lecturing but the unique thing is all of students were pay attention of what the teacher explains.

After teacher explains, she gave students another problem to solve individually. The students were really enthusiastic in solving those problems. They want to know how to solve it and until they find the answer by themselves. They were really curious and have a good intrinsic motivation. And also they have high-mastery-goals in terms of beliefs. They want to master and understand the concept for themselves.

I saw the limitation of my master teacher. She never smiles at students because she said that we have to be “tegas” to the students. But for me, being a non-smile teacher will make students feel stressed because they maybe will think that their teacher are not satisfied with their work. Sometimes we have to smile to our students to make them not feel afraid to us J.

The third day of TE, that was my first time to teach. I separate the class into 5 big groups with different ability based on their achievement score. Then I started the class with class rule. They are really focus on every step I made. When I did wrong, they always raised their hand and give a comment of me. They were very critical.

In terms of learning, I gave them the worksheet to help them construct the concept. Then, when I was not explaining anything about the concept, they got confused and try to ask me about the concept. They were trained to use the traditional method rather than the active learning. But overall they are realized that they need to learn that materials for their future.

The fifth day of TE, that was my second time to teach them. I always asked them to sit in the groups. After giving them little lecturing, I gave them many problems for group quiz. In this quiz, each of students is really enthusiast to win the quiz. They love the quiz because they can compete with each other.

That’s was my reflection for this first week of teaching experience. I said their motivation good only from my observation. I want to know more they goals, beliefs and motivation in the second week by interviewing some students. Last but not least, I really addicted teaching in front of the students and I can’t wait for the second week.




Pientha Glenys Amanti