Teaching Experience is another interesting part of this semester. I am going to collaborating with one of secondary high school around Jakarta to observe, learn, experience teaching and conducting research.

Well, first of all I want to tell you that there is a misunderstanding between campus external relation and the school partner. Campus wanted me to teach there in four meetings where each meeting will be 2×45’, but the principal assumed that four meeting meant to be 4×45 meeting. Since we need the school so much, so we followed what the school wanted to do. Consequently, I only get two chances in teaching (each of them is 2×45’) and one chance to observe the class.

I got the class in grade 10, in section B. Last Tuesday, I have done my observation about how they learned, how the teacher taught, how the classroom management conducted, students’ motivation and many other. Regarding this reflection is all about Motivation course; I will focus on students’ motivation to learn and what the teacher does to promote learning.

Over all, the students I observed have a low class participation in the learning process. Why? Because the teacher do not motivate them to participated in learning. All the teacher did is explaining, explaining and point out the same two or three students. I was very surprised when the teacher clearly stated in opening the class by saying “I know this class is slower that X-A. Even though in X-A the students are smarter, but I love both X-B and X-A and I want all of you finish at the same time”. He did it directly after the students did their praying. In my mind, I was so disappointed to the teacher, why he said like that? Why he said X-A is smarter? Why after he humiliates X-B by comparing with X-A, he wants them to be the same as X-A? It was not fair at all. He did decreasing students’ self-esteem. Another negative side of this teacher comes up. It followed when he said “hey guys, what’s wrong with you all? I am sad all you get wrong”. In other chance, he said “this answer must be wrong” to one student who has came forward to the front of the class by volunteering to answer the teacher’s question. What a cruel. He did not give any solution to make this student kept on fire to solve the wrong part he did. These three oral comments made me underestimate this teacher, no offense.

In the other hand, he did ‘some’ motivation sentence for the students. But it was not enough to make me give my thumbs up to him. When the students he picked come forward, he said that “I am sure that every written you wrote has a meaning”. If we think again what he said, it would be a positive and also negative comment for the students. In my positive side, I think he meant to say “I know your understanding by seeing your answer, so I can teach better if it is wrong”. In my negative thinking, it would be “be careful, I will know you do not listen my explanation if you write the wrong thing”. Consequently, student will feel there is a burden on my head to answer it.

If I were this teacher, I will not compare my students to another class, even their peers. I will also not mocking their answer. One of my lecturer said that students make a wrong part is a blessing. We could know how far their understanding from their mistake. So we can do change our way to teach. It is a reflection for the teacher itself, instead of a weapon to attack students’ self-esteem.

I learned so much in here, even with this humiliate-able teacher :). I want to share everything, but due to the words limitation, so I need to stop here. I wish I could teach better than my master teacher.


Vanny Septia Efendi