On this semester, I got teaching experience at senior high school, science major, and grade eleven during two weeks. This semester, I will be teacher- researcher for two weeks with four meetings. Unfortunately, for this semester, I did not get full two weeks for getting experience in teaching and doing research. I just have chance for teaching and doing research in short-time.

On the first week, I did not have chance to do teaching because the school was doing remedial week, then teaching and learning process was not running well. Finally, I just observed the teaching and learning process two times in two meeting in two days. 🙂

I just focused to observe on one class because I just teach in one class. I got chance to teach in XI IPA 1. However, on first day in first week, I observed not only science class but also social class because at that time, the teacher asked us “who will observe XI IS3?”, and then I answered “one or two of us will observe, Mom”.  After I observe both classes, I saw that both classes have uniqueness to engage in teaching and learning process.

Based on observation, if I may compare, in social class, to do teaching and learning process, teacher will treat them according to mood and feeling’s students to learn. Teacher told me that “for teaching in social class, we have to teach them with different treatment according to the students’ character. For this class, I give the freedom to discuss and walk around in class because if I say no to them, they will not do the task (do nothing during teaching and learning process)”. As the background, why teacher did it, teacher came late to teach in social class (at that time, I saw that the time showed thirty minutes left for teaching and learning process), the class was in bad condition (not conducive, air conditioner was not running well then the class was hot, all students felt uncomfortable and not focus to receive materials). Within thirty minutes, just find the solution of the exam problem as their exercise to do remedial on next meeting. The class was crowded. All of students talked and many of them walked around in class. Even though, they have attitude like that, they have motivation to learn. I saw it, when they have to find the solution of the exam problem and they got confuse, and then they asked to me “Ka, how to find the solution for this problem?””For this problem, we have to use this formula, right ka?”. For me, by asking questions and have effort to find the solution, it means they have motivation to learn and want to be better students for achieving the goals. I think, they have attitude like I described before, it may be caused the social class environment which sounds “not enthusiastic” to learn math and teacher has label them as “bad” students in teaching and learning process (difficult to focus in learning and difficult to get the point of teacher explanation). For me, lesson learnt from that case, I as teacher should be realize that give the label for students is not good way, so we should be wise and neutral but realistic when we teach and face them. 🙂

Otherwise, in science class, I saw that students ready to receive the materials, they already sit in their own chair. The class which I called as “silent class” is not crowded even the sum of students is equal to social class and also focus with teacher explanation. Silent class means students in that class pay attention and understanding what teacher explain and they tends to speak-up when they have a difficulties to understand something or get confused in the explanation. As the background, science class has label from teacher that they are competent to calculate something and have higher motivation to learn than social class. Even though, teacher assume like that, in ipa1, most of students got remedial, just seven students passed the exam. When I observed in teaching and learning process, teacher used lecturing method. As the opening, teacher asked to students about the assignment on previous meeting. To the core activities, teacher explained the concept and gave some examples step by step as the applying of their understanding. The uniqueness that I saw, teacher gave the example one by one. If class understood the first example and got solution, teacher gave the second example with level understanding higher than first example, always do like that and always increase the level understanding. That is why, the second last and last example, they had difficulties and did not know how to solve. I appreciated with her way to deliver the materials and test students’ understanding by giving example in different level understanding and difficulties.

From those activities, I learnt that I as teacher can measure and assess students’ understanding and motivation of learning by applying that method.

Oiya, one of miss that I had not seen yet from teaching and learning process which I observed, teacher forgot to give students motivation or rewards (maybe just say congratulation or good job) when they can solve the problem or exercise and when students go forward to explain their solution to the class and write it down on white board. Why I say “forget”? Because teacher ever given students motivation and rewards before. As the example, when the class solved the problem, teacher always said “solve it by your ability”. I think, if teacher gives motivation to students, students will give more effort and have higher motivation to learn math (based on questioner that I distribute and interview).

keep learning, keep practice! 🙂