Finally… I can post my posting 😥 my internet connection was suspended for three days. Hiks hiks hiks… #crying#

Here is my fourth reflection in fourth week.

Actually, in this meeting, we had a video to be watched. The title is “I am not stupid”. From this video, I learn much about motivation.

I can say that:

–      Intrinsic motivation can bring you into your real identity.

When people around you judge any bad things about you for a long time, there are two possibilities that can happen in you. First, you will feel more and more oppressed because you do believe that the people said is true. Second, you will have a big boost to show to the people that you are not like they said. Of course, there is a big intrinsic motivation in this case because if no, you will be like the first possibility. A big intrinsic motivation that can make people change their thinking about you, change their opinion about your bad, and maybe they also can see that they are wrong, already judge like that.

–      Loyalty has a big power to make you understand that you are in.

What is loyalty? Some people think that when they are in that place along the time goes by, do only what their responsibilities, say “yes” when the boss said “yes”, and so on. They said it’s called loyalty. I say “no”, that’s not loyalty. That is only doing your job as good as you can. Loyalty is more than it. Loyalty can give you a strong bravery to always do the right thing to make something that loyalty belongs to become better. When the boss said “yes”, and you know that it is not true, and maybe it can hurt another people, you will say “no” because you know that it should be wrong and you don’t want to do it. Just with do the right thing, you can feel that you are there, that you are exist, that you are a part of them, that you are in. that’s loyalty.

–      Experience can give you the maturity

Has a lot of experience doesn’t mean that you are mature already, but it can be, if you really understand the wisdom of the lesson that you got. Mature is a choice. You can be mature whenever you want. When you really understand that something goes wrong, and you say that is wrong, without afraid in other persons, you are already mature then. It is as simple as that but need big effort to be like that 😀 some people often think twice what is better for them, what is the least risks that can they get, etc. It can prevent the maturity. Sincere is an important thing to make you mature.

There are so many lessons in my notes that I got from the video. But for now, I just write three of them 😀 the quotes that I can get today is

“Why you still do it when you know that it is wrong? Don’t you have your own identity?”


Ester Anitasari – 2009110009