This week, I learnt about The Influence of Goals on Motivation to Learn. It is related with the last week. There are so many factors that can influence students’ motivation to learn. There are Mastery and Performance Goals, Social Goals and Work-Avoid Goals. Ms. Mima engages us (class) to learn this topic use watching Singapore film, “I Not Stupid” movie. That film is much related with this topic.

There are the influences of goals on motivation to learn which described by actors. We have to observe the influence of those goals on this movie. It is very interesting activity, right???
“I Not Stupid” movie is complicated film. This film describes so many conflicts in real life, with family, friends, environment, especially conflict in the school. I will observe more on the part of the school scene, because the points that will observe are the influence of goals on motivation to learn. The film describe the bad school, because students in that school have a bad mark on the subjects, also this school have labeling from environment that the students have not good attitude. Besides that, teachers not provide students well.

There are so many roles that played well in this film. Based on my observations in this movie, I found that there are 3 kids that play in this movie as main actors. The first one, let say A kids (I am forgot the name), the Cubby one, he is very obedient to his mother. I think, he has Performance approach Goals as his motivation to learn. Its mean that, he motivated his self when he want to look as the smartest students. Even, his mother go to the “orang pintar” to make her kids smarter then other.

The second one, let say B kids, the smarter one, he is more diligent than other. He also usually gets the highest score in the class. I think he has Mastery Goals as his motivation to learn. Its mean that, he motivated his self to be understood to the lesson that he learned. The last one is the kids who like drawing. He is not too really good on Mathematics and English subject. However, he is very care to his friends and also his family. I think he has Social Goals as his motivation to learn. It is because he motivated to learn to his family and also his friends.

So, this film can represent the example of the lesson that I learned. Here, I also have motivations that can motivate me to learn. Sometimes, I have a Mastery Goals as my motivation to learn. I really want to know the useful of the lesson. I am motivated because I want to understand the lesson what for. However, sometime I have a Performance approach goals as my motivation to learn. I want to learn because I want to look a smarter than others. So, it is happen to me, when we in high school until now sometimes. 🙂