I just want to reflect my real experience with the movie. You perhaps never imagine about my past experience in elementary school. I am a naughty student, although I am a shy student indeed. I rarely talk and discuss something to others except my school mate. The story was begun when I was in fifth grade. I got a bad score in social subject, the result is 25 from 100. One day, I make a noisy in a class with my class mate, her name is Mira. I just forgot what I was talking about, so I will not tell you more detail about my discussion. When I enjoyed the discussion, suddenly board eraser is flown in to my face. I was shocking at that time. The worst thing was when my teacher continued the “fight” with mocking my bad result in social subject. “Hey, Shopia! You got a bad score in social subject, now you are discussing while I am teaching in front of a class. Stupid student! That’s true what your mother says, that you are lazy to learn” he said to people in a class. Imagine!
The story above just such a sharing about my experience, after I had labeled as a stupid and lazy student. Can you guess what my reaction into teacher’s mocking?

I do not really know about something that motivates me. After I had gotten the mocking from my teacher, then I got a best mark in science subject, I got .90. Amazing, right? The next day, I also got the highest mark in some test, math, social, language, etc. Such a miracle and Einstein come to me at the night after I got mocking. So, if you want to be smarter, get mocking first? It does not really mean that way, friend. Life is about achieving a goal. What I learnt in MMSEL, achieving goal is influenced by belief, need and capability. So, when you got in changing atmosphere, then you will move out in your zone. Find another zone that makes you more relax, enjoy, not bullied even you can do what you cannot believe in 

Let analyze the cases.
What really happened in my experience is performance goals that focus on ability and competence how I compare with others. I felt that I have to prove to my teacher that I did not like what he said. My ego-involved in achieving the goal also reach the high levels.
I also surprise when I got the best mark in class, I compete with my friend who got the first rank. My friend always asks about my mark. She perhaps afraid of being down in rank. However, my goal is not about get ranking in class, but it’s likely more about how could I understand enough the material and how I can also being smarter. So, by the time get over, I realize that mastery goal was actually increasing day by day. Alhamdulillah I can compete with others and getting better as I improve my understanding. So, I free to say “Thanks God, I was stupid, and then I have a motivation to learn more”.

I do also have reflection to the movie I not Stupid, the Singaporean comedy film which is written and directed by Jack Neo, that I watch together in class. Terry’s s story just like mine, at the end of film Terry being bullied again, but this time he stands up for himself and fights back. Can you get the point? Let do the analysis with your own reason and background.


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