That was my fourth meeting with MMSEL Class. As usual, in the beginning of this meeting, Bu Mima did an interactive method by “reflection”. I like this session. It’s very interesting for me. She appointed some of us to tell something. At that day, the reflection focused on elaborating our goal(s) after we graduate from SSE later. My friend who was asked, he said that after he graduates later, he wants to get and teach in an excellent school in Jakarta. I listened for one friend only because I came late at that day. Hehee… I am sorry Bu Mima :). So, I didn’t know what my other friends said before him.

Actually, if I was asked to tell my goal, I would say that I want to be an entrepreneur. I would give that answer because I have a little dream to give jobs to other persons. I realized that I wouldn’t able to do that if I just be a worker in my life tomorrow. Indonesia just has entrepreneur 0.18% of its residents from the world standard as 2% to make a stable country. It’s mean that our country is very lack of entrepreneur. That’s why there are many joblessness people in our country. Almost Indonesian want to get job, not give job. Getting job is still become a paradigm in Indonesia. Do you know that in Singapore, 7% of its residents are entrepreneur? Do you know that US can be an advance country because 20% of its residents are entrepreneur?

Based on activity that I have told above, I got an important value. In our life, we have to have a goal so that our life will be planned. Most of people say that they want to have a life like “flowing water”. So, for any persons who have that kind of principle, I wanna say that “just dead fish that tag along the flowing water”. Do you realize that? No living fish that will tag along the flowing water. Living fish always swim and try to oppose the flowing water. Thus, by this illustration, do you still want to endure in that principle? Persons who have a dream, persons who have a goal in their life, they will not just tag along the flowing water. It’s because they realize that to reach their goal, they have to straggle hard, not taking flow only.

The next session in my fourth meeting was watching movie. It’s also very interesting for me. It’s like a kind of refreshing by definitely learn something. The movie title is “I am Not Stupid”. To be honest, I really like this movie. It’s because this movie is very meaningful. Briefly, it told 3 unique children who are friend. All of them dislike mathematics. That’s why all of them are in the lowest class level in their school named EM3 Class. Their quotation that I like is “Three stupid persons who gather will be smarter than Einstein”. That’s very funny till make me laugh. This movie was enjoy-full because it could make my emotion became up and down. Till the end, one of those three children gets scholarship to study abroad because he has an excellent ability in drawing. Hence, I get a meaningful value here. School is not only for goal so that we master mathematics, but the main goal of getting school is to develop our ability in everything. Although most people usually make us down because our way is not like what they want, that’s no matter. It’s just a kind of trial from our God to know whether we still stay with what we do or change it. The key is if we do our way with love to get our goal, there will be unpredictable thing we get more than our hope, more than our early goal. That’s kind of God’s blessing. When our belief become real belief, there will spectacular thing happened because og our God. Therefore, no more thing should we do except being grateful to our God. Thanks God 🙂

By this meeting, I want to know more how Bu Mima’s point of view about that movie. According to me, not only learning about goal and belief only which exist, but many other kind of learning also contained in that movie. Next meeting… I am coming :)! See you Guys.