I Not Stupid … In the last meeting before teaching experiences, we watched movie. The movie was “I not stupid”. This movies told about how children in singaporean context in learning,is classified by his abillity in classroom. So many issues about motivation, beliefs, and needs influence students to reach their full potential as human being in educational life. I learned about the need of self determination. Inside of it there is a need of self-autonomy, it showed on the rich- children. Who made by his mom to get used to be served by other people, he was not allowed to do everything by himself. He was a very good children, he was obeying what the parents said. but in the end of the story, he was not obeying what the mother said. becuase he needed to have his self-autonomy, which means Independence, an individual’s ability to alter the environment when necessary. In my experience regarding to the self autonomy issues, many of my friends whose life is bordered by their parents, in the end of the story they would zeal up. Because, everyone needs their self autonomy. somehow, they are people who need freedom to live their own life, choose what they need to choose and ignore what they need to ignore. But the jobs of parents or teachers is to remind children there is a limit in their life, they have to responsible too of what they have done in their own life, instead of limit childrens life itself. in this movie, most of in 3rd class level “the worst class in mathematics and english”, most of unsuccesfull students was unrespected of what their talent was. For an example, students who was good in drawing. He was very good, but the esteem needs was not fulfilled by the environment surround him. Because in that time in singapore showed in this movie, the smart students was marked by the math and english high score not by drawing skill. So he was hard to reach his full potential because the deficiency needs, esteem need, was not fullfilled yet. But finallly there was a teacher who understood about multiple intellegence, so he helped the “drawing kid” and tried to convince the mother. In classroom, i observed there were so many issues regarding to motivation in classroom. It was our job to facilitate their needs in learning so they are motivated. It is not hard for teachers, but it needs effort to make them to be the autonomous learner. Students need us, i am looking forward to have students in the real classroom  Muhammad Zaenudin