In this week we watched a movie, the title is “I not stupid”. The story tells about three students from different family background and talent. The students are Boo Hok, Kok Pin and Terry Khoo. I think it’s a good movie that parents and teacher must be watch.

Boo Hok and his mother struggle to fulfill their needs with running a small wonton noodle stall (warung mie pangsit), he places high value on loyalty and “manliness” in his friends. He tried to make the best score in mathematics after he was inspired by the new teacher math. He study harder even when he have to serve customers and took care of his sister. His efforts came from his own self; it became intrinsic motivation for him. Finally he got best score in class. His motivations called a mastery goal which is developing his competence and increase his understanding. The value that I can got from Boon Hock story is if we put efforts harder we will get a better result

Kok Pin is pushed to excel at school by his mother, but he shows a talent for art, not academics. He forced to learn math to makes his mother proud of him. He did not want his mother punish him, and always say that he is stupid or lazy, so he tried to study hard to reach the best score. This motivation called Performance-Avoidance Goals, an attempt looking for incompetent and being judged unfavorably. Finally his talent was been appreciated by his new teacher, he can continue school in USA to improve his skill on art major. The value from his story is that we can’t’ force someone to be what we want, but look at the persons’ talent and let them improve their talent.

Terry Khoo came from a rich family, he always obedient to his mother and what adult people says. He scared to speak up his opinion, his mother taught him to be an obedient child, and she forbids Terry to not interfere other people’s business although it is for help his friends. He got confusing. However, after the kidnapping incident, his friend convinced him to dare to express his opinion, he has to be a brave boy who can decides, like when he decides to donate bone marrow to her friend’s mother. In this story, we can see that Terry Khoo changed because influence of his friends.

Performance approach goals. For example when I do presentation in class, I want to make the best presentation, so I prepare it before present in front of class. I want my presentation better than others. It’s called performance-approach goals which is trying to outperform others are more complex and receiving favorable judgment from others.

Social goals

I want to be a best teacher, so I come every day to campus to learn, I try to improve my skill and my knowledge to be better than before, make friends and socialize in there. It is called social goals, means goals to achieve particular social outcomes or interaction.

Mastery goals

I have hobbies, reading and writing poems. So when I was in high school I join to “perkumpulan sastra indonesia”. This activity is sharing about sastra indonesia for example is poems, i can read and share my poems to each other’s and got any suggest from writer (sastrawan), so from this activity I can learn deeper to improve my skill to read and write poems.  It’s also called mastery goals. I can improve my skill and developing my competence.

Work avoidance goal

I think Work avoidance goal it’s not good for people, it will harm others. People who have work avoidance goal just rely on others for a lot of work while they just complete their work as little effort as possible.

I hope I can motivate my students according to their talent, it is better than force them to be what I want. 🙂