In this week, we watch the movie titled I not stupid. This movie is talking about three boys whose sit in EM3 class. They named Ang boon hock, Liu Kok pin and Terry Khoo. Ang Boon Hock is an orphan who lives with his single mother and his little sister, the absence of the father cause boon hock struggle to help his mother to earn money and taking care of his sister while at the same time he also have to study at school. Liu kok pin is a gifted boy who has talent in painting, but his mother does not appreciate his talent in painting and abusively force him to get good marks in academic. Terry Khoo is a fatty meek boy who lives with his authoritarian mother. The three boys were labeled stupid just because they sit in EM3 class.

Watching this movie made me remember about my experience in my primary school. When I was in my primary school, I was labeled as “stupid” student, because at that time I did not show any academic talent, indeed I felt that my 3rd grade and 5th grade teachers often embarrassed me in front of the class when I perform something that unsatisfied them. It made me adopt performance avoidance goals, which make me fear to show my performance and opinion in front of the class. What they did have made my classmates labeled me stupid. It affects when we were assigned into group, everybody avoided being in the same group with me. Fortunately, my sixth grade teacher was unlike the other teacher, he helped me and motivated me to develop my true potential. Under his supervision I could show very good performance in academic. Later on, my classmate who previously considered me as stupid person started to accept my existence in the class. Since that time, I said to myself that I have to become smart students so people will accept my existence in the class. At this point, I adopt both performance approach goals and social goals. In one side I want to look smart to please my teacher and my parents while in other side I also want to be acknowledged by my classmates.

From this movie I got some good points that I can reflect to myself. First, I realize that I have performance approach goals in study.  During my study in SSE, I always try to show my best in studying, because I want to make my parents and teacher in my senior high school became proud of me. In order to reach those goals, I push myself to study hard. However, after watched this movie, I realized that sometimes I also have to prioritize my personal goals for the sake of myself. Beside the performance goals, I realized that I also have social goal, i want to build a good image of a capable person so people will not look down at me and my peers will perceive me as work capable person(like what I said above). From this point I come into conclusion that each person can have multiple types of goals that motivate them in doing something.

Second, as teacher candidate I learn some good points from this movie. As a good teacher we should not labeling our students about their academic ability. Because by doing that possibly would make our treatment to them become bias. We also should value and be aware of our students’ talent. It is our responsibility to help and guide our students to develop their full potential in positive way.

Third, I am asking myself, what are the main goals of studying and get educated in school/university? Is it only just to get good mark or to enrich knowledge and be able to function in society? As educator, we should be aware of that, we have to make our students know that the aim of education is not about getting good mark. We have to be careful in teaching them, so they won’t become mark oriented students.


Fredy Maulana