In the 4th week, October 10th 2011, my MMSEL class has a different activity. We will watch a movie, because Ms. Mima thinks that we need to refresh our mind before teaching experience two weeks ahead. But as usually, Ms. Mima gives us some papers as our new matter in that meeting. The topic is about The Influence of Goals, Interest and Emotion on Motivation to Learn. She gives me time to read these papers and ask us to connect the movie with topic. After reading for about 10 minutes, she plays the movie, title is I Not Stupid. Firstly, when I hear that title, I feel  that the structure of title is not true, it must be “I am not stupid” , but maybe there is a special something behind it. Then movie is begun.

(for about 2 hours…..)

This movie is so insipiring me. Many positive things that I get from this movie. I like three of them, Terry, Liu Kok Pin, and Ang Boon Hock. They have different character. Here I will tell about Terry more detail. Terry is a fat guy, he is like a spolid child, he always say “yes” when his mom asks him everything. He comes from the lucky family, because his family is rich, has a big house, and also has a company. But I think that he does not have a good growth in his life because he never has a decision to his life, even he can not make a drink for himself. Poor he is.  His social relationship (in this time I say about Terry’s parents) is not good. His parents do not provide a challenge for him to do something. In other words, he only sit but he can get everything he wants. If he always get that treatment like that, he can lose his motivation to learn something because he never try to do and solve anything. Maybe he does not know what his life mean is. The other social relationship is about peers. Luckily, he has good peers, they are Kok Pin and Boon Hock, they come from family that give challange to them to solve problem in life. If I become Terry, I will learn from Kok Pin and Boon Hock, I will learn how to face the real life and get challange to survive in this life. But actually, Terry is still become a boy that does not have a motivation to do anything. Poor he is.

The other thing from the movie that I like is about the teacher. Terry, Liu Kok Pin, and Ang Boon Hock are in EM3. EM3 is a worst class in that school so all students in EM3 are considered as low level academic students. Maybe every teacher that come to that class think that all students there can change better, or even teacher become pessimist. It can affect the teaching process in the classroom. When teacher does not have an optimistic, teacher also can not give a positive motivation to the student. Whereas students in the low academic really need external motivation, including from teacher. In social relationship, teacher has to optimize and gives challenging task in a supportive environment. If teacher gives students challenging task, students can be motivated to learn and solve that challenging and also they have goals in their learning. But in the middle of movie, there is a new teacher who comes into EM3, she is very kind and understand her students. She does not see EM3 as the bad class like the other teachers, but she creates a good environment and relationship with them. She is not only know her student when she is sitting and staying in the class, but she knows her students, students’ family, even students’ problem. She really has an educator feeling and responsible with her job. She gives an opportunity for her students (ex : Kok Pin) to draw the best picture for her. She knows Kok Pin ability and she tries to facilitate him and encourage him so that Kok Pim has motivate to improve their ability in drawing.

I have the other things from that movie, but I can not say all here. But the best learning is from the new teacher. I learn how to be a real good teacher who understand and motivate students well. Because teacher gives important effect for students’ growth and motivation in learning. Beside that, we have to know that, social relationship (parents, peers, and teacher) is so important for students’ motivation in learning (not only in school but also in real life as a ‘real school’).

Keep zeal to be a ‘real good’ teacher everyone 😀

Arum Febriani (2009110029)