Well, as usual. In MMSEL course, the lecturer, Ibu Mima distributes the paper and asked us to read it. It is about the influence of goals. I think it was will be same with previous meeting. We will do jigsaw or other group discussion. However, in this session, Ibu Mima gives new atmosphere. We watch the movie titled I NOT STUPID. Oh, all of us very happy to hear that. We were very serious in watching that movie. The movie was very interesting. How can? Actually, the movie told about a part of problems around us. Wait, before talk about contents in the movie, let’s see the title. Is it true grammatically? Before watch the movie, I have question, why the movie titled I NOT STUPID. Of course the director is not stupid too.

Ok, this movie was very reflecting to me, as a candidate of teacher, as an educator. That is about education system and stereotype of intelligence. The school classifies students into different level. It is based on their academic achievement, especially for mathematic and English. For example, students who got ten out of ten in mathematics will belongs to class A, then students who got six out of ten in mathematics will belongs to class B, then students who got three out of ten will belongs to class C. See, as a candidates of teacher can you imagine feelings of students in the class C? It’s very danger. Simply, their self-esteem will be decrease. Besides, the community (our environment) looks that students in class C are stupid students. Also from parents who demand that their children must be GOOD in academic result, especially for mathematics and English subject. Even, in that movie there are parents who beat their children because of the children gets bad result. Oh my God, it makes me sad. I think that one of problems in this movie is the school and parents don’t know the ability of children. They just measure the intelligence from academic achievement. We need to ask to ourselves “what is our goal actually?” While, there is a student (in that movie) who has other ability, he is very good in painting. Fortunately, not all teachers in that school are bad. There is a female teacher who has feelings and treats students “normally”. Even, because of her, some of students in C class motivated to study hard and more confidence.

Now, I know what is behind the movie titled I NOT STUPID. It sounds like shouts from students that they are not stupid.

I got so many things from that movie. It does very reflect to me. Fortunately, I had opportunity to watch that movie; it can be preparation for me, as an educator. I really need to know and understand that students have different abilities and individually have a unique. I hope able to motivate students, able to care students and able to communicate that every student is special.

Thank you to my great lecturer, Ibu Mima who given me an opportunity to watch and to learn more and more. This is the best session ever…J