On this week, actually I did not know that we will have a movie session, but I extremely like itJ. From I not stupid movie I got lots of knowledge as well as fun. It is really an educating movie. There is intelligence issue that came from Kok Pin case, his parent (especially his mom) does not realize that he is not good at math but he has skill on drawing. Unfortunately his parent does not aware of his skill, his mom is a behaviorist parent that use punishment as the best answer since Kok Pin is on EM3 class (class with low ability, skill and no hope). In order to avoid the punishment he doing self-handicapping through cheating.

Meanwhile, Terry (Kok Pin’s friend) has mom who did authoritarian parenting style, his life was under his “high control” mom. Being in EM3 make him more hopeless since he always been compare to his cousin that on EM1 (class with high intelligence) hence he has low self-esteem.

On the other hand, Boo Hok (friend of them) does not have mom that always control his life. But he has an ambition to learn more, so people do not underestimate him and he did it. He can make it although he has to help his mom selling food.

After watch this movie, I want to say to the world that education is not only about English and Math, but anything in the world is an education for us.

Well I have an experience that related to Boo Hok’s case that also did not want to be underestimated. I remember when I was in elementary school grade V. it was during English test, monthly test. There was a word on paper test that I did not know the meaning in Indonesia, so I asked my English teacher there, “Mr. what is the meaning of …. (I am forget what is the word that I asked to him) in Indonesia”. My teacher replied “you do not know (while pointing at me) I do not know, guess it by yourself! “ I still remember the way he talks to me, he spoke with a high tone so that all of my friends were looking at me, and I felt so ashamed. (about my teacher: he has teacher tutoring program, he used to invite us to join in, he said that it would help students get more understanding the lesson-well, since all of exam’s question were given there)

10 minutes later, my friend came approaching my teacher and asked the same thing like I did ( I heard it because I sat on the first front row and my teachers’ desk is right in front of my desk, only 40 cm). But my teacher gave her the answer (the meaning of the word that we both asked). Right after he answered her question. I looked at him and his attitude become weird, he was stepping back while smiling, again and again until he was on the last row desk and he sat there. Oh my god I cannot believe it, it is not fair L

At that time I felt so sad. Its hurt, really hurt. Why he did that to me? Am I not his student? What’s make me different from her?. From that moment, I tried hard to study English by myself, I never asked him (young age → unstable emotional, hehe J) about the material, but I always pay attention to what he taught to class. Finally, I can get better score than other who join teacher tutoring program. (FYI, the girl who asked the same thing with me is one of students who join in).

I think that’s all from me. Thank you.

Richa Fatimah (2009110007)