All of the students or children in this world are unique in their different ways, there is no stupid person. This point is one of the ideas that I got after watching a Singaporean Movie “I Not Stupid”. This movie is very good movie especially for teachers. Thanks a lot for Ibu Mima who provide this movie session in this MMSEL course. This session is one of the best sessions along this course.

This movie actually is about the education system in Singapore. It show us how the education systems in Singapore set a standard that students ability only focus on cognitive skill or only relate to the score result in exam performance. In Singaporean systems there are some level of the students based on their grade, for the students who have higher level they are in M1 Grade, but for the students who have lower score they should follow M3 Grade. This system created a gap between the students who have higher ability with the students who have lower ability.

I felt very enthusiastic when I watched this movie because this movie realized me how it is very important to give motivation to our students in the right way. My focus from this movie is when one of the main characters named Kok Pin should struggle to get high score for his mother. His goal to do this is to make his mother happy. When Kok Pin could not get his goal, he is so stressed and he even try to do suicide.

This scenes show us how goal very influence people to do some actions. Kok Pin tried to learn harder but he failed. His mother gives him a standard that a smart student is a student who gets high score. His mother did not realize that Kok Pin have other ability, he is very good in painting.

This scene gives me more understanding that it is very important for me as a teacher candidate to consider that so many abilities that students have. We can not judge students are stupid only from a final exam result. It is very important for teacher to explore student abilities.

So many things that I got from this movie. I try to reflect to my self that I will never do what I saw from this movie. I will care to my students, give them a motivation in the right way, and ask them to pursue their goals or dreams based on their own ability not because people ask them to do it.

I hope, in Indonesia is different with the situation in Singapore. I hope there are no more Kok Pin who have no freedom because the systems make a jail for him, or for other children. I hope more parents, teachers and school principals will realize that there are no stupid students. All students are unique, all students are smart.
Sufyan Suri