This week, it’s the time a week before school experience and week with interesting activity may be…’watching inspiring movie…’ movie about children that have different talent but, forced to do what they not interest in. I like Ms. Lee, inspiring teacher that could be empathy to the students, engage them to fulfill their potential. Why, in society still use social perspective of education, that’s what I thought? When mathematics and English becomes the king of the course, each student should master and got even 90 in that course. If mark becomes benchmarks of success, it is no sense. It’s what I think when Kok Pin’s mom hurt him because bad mark. It is emphasize on performance goal, however I like Kok Pin when he had mastery goal in improve his drawing potential. About Bon Hock, I like him because he already had mastery and performance goal, he can balance both. Terry, looks like has performance goals, he don’t want to not obey his Mom, hence he always obey his mom, trust and become good kids in his mom mind.

Well, in this meeting we learn about the influence of goals on motivation to learn. We already discuss in the class the types of goal which are: mastery goal that emphasizing the understanding in any task or any course, performance-approach goals which is more emphasizing on looking competent and receiving favorable judgments from others, performance-avoidance goal which is focus on avoiding judgments of low efforts and low ability from others, social goal which is more for social or interactions achieving and work avoidance goals which is about the goal with less efforts to finish the assignments.

Might each person have one, two, or more types of goal in their life. I’m not trying to be hypocrite, that I also have performance approach goal. I can reflect it from the past experience that I always try my best in mathematics course in my Junior high school, always ask and compare my friends mark with me… annoying too if I thought again this last experience. You know what I want? I want to be someone with the highest score in mathematics, then I’ll be the gold kid of my math teacher. However, it’s not always like that, sometimes I got, sometimes I lost… but, then till the time I get the worst in my life, it’s no expectations anymore at all…and when I flashed back, it’s so funny and so mark oriented, how I can be so naive like that when I was kid…learning is not about that! Then I know that I got experience to face this kind of students… too high extrinsic motivations…

How about my performance avoidance goal? Sometimes it occurs in my learning experiences till now. Rather than look silly, I prefer to keep silence in class although sometimes they need my comment. It because sometimes some of my friends always speak up and very seldom accepts my idea.

How about social goals? Well, not praising myself…but…actually I include to one of academic talented students (narcissistic)…therefore, some of my friends like to be in groups with me, and it makes happy of course, although I don’t know they can accept me just the way I’m or not, but I tried to socialize with them, through doing some group assignment in my friend’s house while we have some ‘girl talk’..hehe… that is my social goal, to have many friends through my academic achievement. However, I sometimes have dilemma in my life… I often have a group with number of member high performance approach goal but with work avoidance makes me feel burdened…You know what they said?? I trust you, you can do the best and we can be the just do it ok?? Oh My God..they so annoying… it makes me should work hard. Then till the day we should present, they confidently present it like they all give contributions…huhuhu…and now I realize something wrong with this system, I feel sometimes I couldn’t work with other stubborn people that can’t accept my ideas, because I used to work individually even in group rather than work cooperatively. Here I got good lesson that, if I were teacher next time, I would really monitor to not allowed students work alone in the groups..should engage other students to work together.

I also not always had bad goals; I have mastery goals when I face physics. No matter if I had even killer teacher, I feel challenged with physics. Well, even the class is over, the task is only little, I like to do physics problem and want to increase my ability in physics.

However, sometimes I also have work avoidance goal. It happens when I should work in group, someone always betrayed me like a child, you should do this, this and this…and never accept my makes me to think twice to give lot contributions. Hence, it makes me just do little and just that, the remaining is up to others…because as I said I can’t work with someone that closed-minded not open minded.

From all of my experiences, I aware that one student might have different goals in each course or in everything. It’s my task later on to know it and facilitate them in increasing motivation. So, the good that I got, I should waking their awareness to take a task as mastery goals, hence they could fulfill their potential, even it hard, but first, I’d like to let them realize by themselves like what I experienced.

Keep learning 🙂