In this fourth week we didn’t have any lecturing class, we just watched the movie whole the lecturing time. Actually, Ms Mima was told us that we would watch a movie at the last third week, so it made us more enthusiasm to met the MMSEL course in the fourth week 🙂
However, before we watched the movie Ms Mima gave us a reading papers and gave us about ten minutes to read and shared with friends. After that, Ms Mima played the movie. When we saw the cover of the CD, I got a confuse because the title was “I Not Stupid”, why there was no “Am” in that title but after we watched the movie, I found the answer 🙂
At the beginning, there were some advertisements movies, one movie seem like so familiar with me, that’s movie was “Children of heaven” movie in mandarin version. I have watched that’s movie in Iran version, I very like “Children of Heaven” movie, it was telling about an innocence of child. And the other advertisement movie was “Iron ladies”, seem like a comedy movie from Thailand. That’s made us laugh when we watched that advertisement movie.

“I not Stupid” movie was begun by showing a fence’s school with barbed wire. I think it has a philosophy, its represent about what is happening inside the school itself. In this movie there were three main actors, they were Terry khoo, Liu kok pin, and Bon Hock.
This movie show about student’s motivation in learns. Firstly, three of this child were not interest in learn Mathematics and English at all. Until come to them a new math teacher who very motivate them to like math. So, I saw that their motivation was extrinsic motivation. However this movie was also show about people perspective about someone’s intelligence, most of people in that movie measure someone’s intelligence just from academics achievement, in fact there are a lot of kinds of intelligence itself. For example, Kok Pin’s parent always force him to get good academic achievement, his mother don’t are about His other intelligence which is in art.
In reading papers that given by Mr Mima, I read about “Mastery and Performance Goal”. I think that movie is so related with this theory about “Mastery and Performance Goal”. Terry, Kok Pin and Boon Hock’s teachers are focus on Mastery goal. Mastery goal (sometimes called a learning goal) is a goal that focuses on accomplishing a task, improvement, and increased understanding (Midgley, 2001; pintrich, 2000). While their mothers (parent) focus on Performance goal because their mother pushes them to get good academic achievement and often compare them to other students who have a good academic achievement. Performance Goal is a goal that focus on ability and competence and how they compare to other (A.Elliot & McGregor, 2000; A. Elliot & Thrash,2001; Midgley,2001). And those students itself especially Kok Pin, focus on Performance-Avoidance Goal I think. Performance-avoidance goal is a goal that focuses on avoiding looking incompetent and being judged unfavorably (K.E.Ryan et al.,2007). Kok Pin strive to be good in academic (Math) with goal to avoiding looking incompetent and being judged unfavorably especially from his mother.

However, this movie was great movie and important be watched by teachers and teachers candidate, because we can get a lot of knowledge how to face children who have low academic achievement.
As a teacher candidate we have to care about multiple intelligence of student, we have to realize that there is no stupid student actually. Everyone is different, everyone is special and have their own characteristic (of course their own intelligence) and we could not force each other to be same. I hope when we become a teacher later, we could be a wise teacher in threat differences of students 🙂
I agree that watch this movie will make us laugh and cry at the same time, because I was did it when I watch this movie. 🙂