I not stupid!!!

Yeah, this movie that we watched last meeting was very interesting and inspiring for us as mathematics teacher candidate and for us as human who live with many challenging. There are so many lesson that we can take as our modal to teach in the future. I wanna share about my experience that is related to the film which is “I not stupid”.

Terry, yeah Terry Khoo who is obedient, pampered, a little bit of sissy, with a sister who hates authority, a father (Mr. Khoo) who is a typical Hokkien man with little finesse but a whole lot of conscience and a mother (Mrs. Khoo) who embodies the government of Singapore, who lives by the slogan “I only want what’s good for you”.  And obedient, maybe I’m the opposite of it, don’t think negatively about it. Let’s follow this story J. I still remember when I want to continue my study, even to Junior High School, Senior High School or University, my parents doesn’t follow me to do that, reason :budget, read: fee. If Terry’s mother said “I only want what’s good for you“, my parents said “Actually, we want you to continue your study, but our money doesn’t support your wishes, so please to understand this situation, you don’t necessarily to continue your study”_ (more or less, kurang lebih seperti itu). I’m not Terry’s look like do which is allowed what his mother said. Nevertheless, I try to avoid what my parents said, because I believe there are so many ways to go to Roma, as well as to find the solution which is getting higher education by lower fee or free, means that is getting a scholarship, because I need to get higher education, moreover we live in new era which is so many challenge that we have to deal with globalization era. With my belief, I’m sure that money is not primary obstacle, but the primary obstacle is we don’t believe that we cannot realize what we want itself.  I’m not being dissident person who are violated what my parents ask to me, because I will give them (my parents) a fact that I can get higher education without spending of much money. And, Alhamdulillah I have proven to them, and hopefully it will run well. 🙂

O ya once again, at the first time when I saw the title. I have a big question, why this movie writes the title “I not stupid”, without to be ‘am’??? It is certainly not great English, isn’t it? Oh…actually, the Chinese title means “Kids Are Not Stupid” which is basically the whole theme of the movie.

As mathematics teacher candidate, if I have students who are annoying towards mathematics course, I guess, I need to tell my story, which means that everything has many challenge itself as well as mathematics subject.  J