This week I was absent from this class. And My friends ask me to watch the movie. The title is I not Stupid. Firstly, when I heard the title, I think this movie about someone who doesn’t want labeled as a stupid person, then he/she tries to show, to prove it to their environment.Then, I copied the movie and then watch it at home.

From the movie, I saw that there are 3 students who friends each other. They are in EM3. That’s for the unmotivated students. For students which have low ability. People always assume that what they said is wrong. For peoples, what they said is wrong. I really curious about “Why they do grouping the children like that? Is that good for the students?” In my opinion, that’s not a good way. It only make a new trouble. Students will feel teacher, school not appreciate them. It also can make other students from other class will look down at them. For example when 1 student from EM 1who mocking on them.

in the other situation, Terry Khoo is a rich children but his parents never give the freedom to their children. They have not motivated. Because the parents always give whatever they want.

But I like the situation when the teacher realize that the students at that class have their own talent. For example she know Kok Pin really like drawing. He can drawing well. To appreciate his talent, she ask Kok Pin to make a picture for her. She make the students more motivate. For example she know that almost students at that class hate Math, she said to the students that when she was in Junior High School she also hate Math. She said the more she hate it, worse she gets. So she try to learn it better so that she can handle it. She also realize the students problem. She know that Kok Pin parent’s expect him to be good at Math and Chinese, they dislike if Kok Pin really like drawing. So, the teacher send a Kok Pin’s Draw to a competition and the result Kok Pin win as runner up. It make him motivate. more motivate to draw. And finally, his parents realize his talent.

From this movie, I want to be teacher like that. Care about the students, and help them to motivate and to develop their talent.


Eritha Aprimida.