This Monday in MMSEL class, we watched a great movie which is “I not stupid”. From the title its funny because they wrote the title with a bad grammar. It should be “I am not stupid”, but when I see the film, ohhh they used Singlish not English.

The movie is about three children in third grade which is stayed in ME3 class. ME3 class is consisting of unmotivated students and usually they are not motivated in learning. I get a review of the movie from internet. From the movie, I saw that they have different types of goals of motivation. Ko Pin the children who was born to be a painter, should learn Maths to make his parents happy. Her mom really disappointed with his grade in Maths, so he motivated himself to learn to make her mom not disappointed again. The different case came up from Boon Hock. He came from the poor family and he should help his mom in the market. His teacher motivated him. Its really picturing the mastery goals. The result is he got 92 from 100 J. Another case came from Terry, the fat rich boy. He is really a spoiled boy. He always serves by his maid and therefore he can’t be independent. He also cannot make a breakfast for himself. But as time goes by he learn by himself that he have to be independent and have a freedom of himself.

We are also given readings about the influence of Goals on Motivation to Learn. On that reading, there are 5 types of Goals; Mastery goals, Performance-Approach Goals, Performance-Avoidance Goals, Social Goals, and Work-Avoidance Goals. Believe it or not, I have all of that 5 Goals hahahaha quite silly because I just embarrassed of my self.

Mastery Goals is a goal that focuses on accomplishing a task, improvement, and increased understanding, sometimes called a learning goal. I have an experience in having this mastery goal. I really like and love about culture and I am curious about art and culture of Indonesia, therefore when I was in High School Art class, I really did my best in doing all of the work and the exam. My curiosity leads me to be the best in learning art.

Performance-Approach Goals is a goal that emphasizes looking competent and receiving favorable judgments from others. Honestly, in most of my life, I always did this kind of goals. I want everybody thinks that I am smart and I am perfect. Too bad for me to always being a top but when I get down, I have to reshape and rebuild my confidence again to be on top.

Performance-Avoidance Goals is a goal that focuses on avoiding looking incompetent and being judged unfavorably. I had this goal when I was in Junior High School, I am not qualified enough to entered the excellent class but my mom pushed me to enter that class. So when we get into groups, I always feel that I am the dumbest and I just sat with no exercise given to me. My group members are not believe in me to work by them.

Social Goals is a goal to achieve particular social outcomes or interactions. I have a story about this goal. When I was in Junior High School my friends are like to be socializing with the smart students. I tried my best to be a smart student in every subject so they really want to be friends with me. But actually this goal is not really good for me; I just get a fake friends when they didn’t need me so they throw me away L.

Work-Avoidance Goals is a goal that want do a little effort in-group work. I have experienced it once, when I get into the group that is not really one thinking with me. I just came from the discussion and then did my jobs fast and simple not too many contribution. I did that because they didn’t care and didn’t pay attention of every statement I gave.

Well, I do believe that every goals I made can motivate me to learn. Therefore, to be a teacher, I have to understand my students goals so I can motivated them J.