This week we learned nothing, just watched a movie. Well, COMPELETELY WRONG! Yes, we watched a movie for this week class but who says that it means we did not learn anything? I learned a lot. Before we watched the movie, we were served a material about the influence of goals on motivation to learn. There are several kinds of goals written there i.e. mastery goals, performance goals, social goals, and work avoidance goals. I will not explain those goals here, you have known already about it. Oh ya, the assignment was we had to define what motivations were being told in the movie.

We started to watch the movie, of course after we were entertained by several movies ads. The movie title is ‘I Not Stupid’, this is a Singaporean movie. The story was mainly about 3 students who strives their best to be so-called smart. The first student was a poor boy who has to take care on his sister and mother’s store while he is doing his school assignments. His teacher said that he was a quite smart but lazy student. He wanted to be a smart student so that there will be no one who underestimates him. He wanted to be perceived as a smart student by his peers, teachers and family. Eventually, after he studied hard, he could make a good score on his exam. This character goal is the example of social goals’; goals to achieve particular outcomes or interactions. The other student, that I forgot the name, was a boy who lives with fear. Every time he makes bad scores, his mother would beat him using a rattan. His mother always judge him as a lazy student, doctrine it every day. He even tried to do a suicide. He strive his best to not having a bad score so that his mother will not be beating him anymore. He did not reach his goal, but God gave him a better surprise. His teacher sent his drawing to a competition in USA and he won a second place. Because of that, he was offered an art scholarship in USA. His goal is an example of performance-avoidance goals; goals that focuses on avoiding looking incompetent and being judged unfavorably. That was a great movie. Despite its unusual plot and characters, the movie teaches us about perseverance and belief upon ourselves.

What do I learn from this week class, beside the material of course?

I did a reflection about my own goals. I realized that mostly my goal is social one. I do my best to be believed as a responsible person by my peers. I need to be acknowledged as much as I need attention in the crowd. In many cases, I do something just because I want to impress someone, not for my own sake. I am not saying that social goal is bad but sometime we need to do something for ourselves, for our own goodness, not only to be perceived by others. Actually, I have been thinking about it for whiles, I forgot when did I do something for my own personal joy. My satisfactions almost always succeed of someone or an event. Well, I do not want to discuss it here furthermore, it is too private. My point is I learned that I need to improvise my goals, try to do something for my own sake. This why I just love MMSEL class; I am getting know myself even deeper every week. J

Firzie Budiono Ravasia