Today was a bit relaxes session because lecturer promised us to watch a movie. I thought the movie would be documenter or serious movie, but it was a comedy drama movie. The title was I not stupid.

Before we watched, my lecturer gave us reading about today topic and related to the movie. This was about the influence of goals on motivation to learn. By reading the title, I have a big picture of the topic inside. It would be explaining how our goals motivate us in doing something. And that is true.

The movie is all about the environment stuffs that works motivate students to learn and the un-works strategy to motivate students. The interesting thing is that the student was so motivated in learning by keep reminding that he want to make his mother proud of him as his goal. It was so affecting him to learn as much as he can.

I really agree that the goals will give a strong effect to our motivation. I felt it everyday. When I go to campus and I knew my goals are, I would be so enthusiastic attending the classes all day long. But when I do not know my goals, I just attend classes for fulfilling the attendance list. It’ is kind of ‘let it flow’ person. Surely, I am not that kind of that person. I determine what my goals are before doing everything. If I do not have any goal to reach, I will not do that activity.

Goals for me are just like our destination. Belief is our starting place. Needs are our logistic to arrive at the destination. The motivation itself is the fuels to move our body so it can be keep moving forward or backward. Belief, needs and motivation are supporting each other to achieve our goals.

I have so many experiences in reaching my goals through motivation. Recent month, my goal is to be a qualified teacher of mathematics. It does motivate me in developing my knowledge and skills to that kind of teacher. I learned the supportive course in campus completely with my heart. I learned that way because remembering my goals give a positive influence for me. It really works. I felt that I am more enthusiastic, critical and passionate in becoming a teacher. Oh, I am sure my parents will be so proud if they read this. J

Theoretical frameworks stated that five types of goal (Eggen & Kauchack, 2010). Firstly, mastery goal that is a goal that focuses on accomplishing assignments, increasing quality and developing professionalism. Secondly, performance-approach goal focuses on getting the positive impression from others. Thirdly, performance-avoidance goal focuses on avoiding inability judgment or negative impression from others. Fourthly, social goals focus to achieve the social outcomes in their community. Finally, work avoidance goal. It stated that individual would try as less as possible for reaching their goals.

Those theories above are very related to our real life. We often see people doing what we have known from that theory. It is generally not bad at all. It is just the way they live. Even when we find out that our close friends is following the work avoidance goal, we do not have right to blame on them. What we can do is growing their awareness to work as maximal as we can. Therefore, in education we need a teacher that will always come as a hero and help us how to reach our goal.

I can say: no matter what happened, teacher should be the front-liner to help students whenever they need us. J

Vanny Septia Efendi