“I have dreams in the future, I wanna be a lecturer, create “ A Multiple Intelligence School” and good enterpreneur, make a “Soto Majalengka” shop in Jakarta, and then to reach my dreams I have to learn, make planing what should i do, and hard work now”

This statement above describe that the miracle of belief can create a motivation to reach our dreams. I have hear it before, someone said that if we want something and then we believe that we can get it, so, we can get it. Why ? It is like magic, but it is real. The book of “The Secreet” said that if we believe that we can do it, we can get something, it is mean that we make the positif “sugesti” on our brain. Then , our brain become positif thinking and is motivated to reach that goals. After that, earth and also “jagad raya” can give the positif energy. So, I always to believe something that can I reached.

When I was in Senior high shcool, I have a dream to get scholarship in my greduate. I always believe that I can get it. Also, I believe on my self, I can hard work and do the best. Finally, I get the Sampoerna scholarship, I am a lucky girl who enter in SSE. So, many example in my life relate to a belief. With the big belief and always hard work, I can get that what I want.

Then, now I learn in MMSEL course about belief. It is very interesting topic, because I am student who believe about a belief. In this course, belief is related to motovate to learn. There are beliefs about future outcomes, about intelligence, about capability, and the last is beliefs about value. These of them have different meaning but have influences to motivate us to learn. For example, beliefs about future outcomes, I want get GPA cumloude when I graduated from SSE. So, I have outcomes to get good GPA in the future, then I will be motivated to learn more in the each semester. Besides that, in SSE I also have beliefs about value. For example, I didn’t like english, I can’t speak and write english well, my grammatical so many error, but I believe that I need it to teach my students next time. Also, I believe that in the future it is very important to using english.

I learn more in this course, Ms. Mima design this topic with Jigsaw discussion. It is very nice activity, but actually, I need more time to discuss this topic mam, because topic about beliefs is related to our life and so many interesting.