This week, our MMSEL course’s topic is about The Influence of Belief on Motivation to Learn. Whatever the topic, this course is always interesting. May because of the topic itself or because the cute lecturer? 😉
At the beginning of the learning, we were asked one by one about what is ourselves actualization about five and ten years ahead and about why we choose the mathematics major when we admission to SSE. At that time I said that my self actualization five or ten years ahead is being a good teacher and a writer, even I realized that till now my writing is not as good as a writer yet. However I just have a wish, I keep this wish and try to write in my free time.
And our lesson was continued, Ms. Mima asked us to make a writing which include about:

  • What are my expectations of this course?
  • What will the course affect my roles as a teacher candidates?
  • What is my expectation toward SSE?
  • How my learning experience in SSE influence my rules as a teacher (in the future)

We gave time about fifteen minutes to finish our writing, and we have to collect it to Ms. Mima. She didn’t tell us yet what for that writing is; we continued our activities by doing the Jigzaw reading. In this jigsaw reading, there were four sub topics from “The Influence of Belief on Motivation to Learn” topic (actually there are five in papers that were given by Ms. Mima, but we just discussed four of five), those sub topics such as Expectation Belief about Future Outcomes, Belief about intelligence, Self-Eficacy Beliefs about capability, and Belief about value. I got reading about the first sub topic which is about Expectation Belief about Future Outcome. As in Jigzaw method, we read individually first then we went to expert group and then we shared each other among the different topics.
From what we had learned about those four topics, I got the point that someone’s belief is very influence her/his motivation. For example students with high expectation will believe that they will get the good future so they have high motivation to learn. Past experience is the primary factor that influences expectation. Students who usually succeed will expect to succeed in the future, they have high motivation to learn. However students who are usually fail will have low motivation and belief that they will get the bad future. In beliefs about intelligence, there are entity view of intelligence and incremental view of intelligence. Entity view of intelligence is belief that intelligence is essentially fixed and stable over time and the incremental view is opposite of it. Other example is in self-efficacy; belief about their capability and beliefs about value, it’s surely influence to their motivation and it will determine to what will they do.
This Topic was reminding me with a song, the lyric like this:

“I believe I can fly,
I believe I can touch the sky,
I think about it everyday and night,
Spread my wings then play away”
(I believe I can fly, by R. Kelly)

Yeah, the lyric of this song can describe the relationship between belief and motivation. In this song, the singer believes that he can “fly”, he has high expectation to fly. In other part of this lyric, he said:

“.. cause I believe in me,
If I can see it, then I can do it
If I just believe it, there’s nothing to it”

From that word we can see that the singer has high motivation, it is caused he believe in himself.
So, I can conclude that between belief and motivation has close relationship.

Ok, it is all my third week reflection, thank you.