THE INFLUENCE OF BELIEFS ON MOTIVATION TO LEARN is topic in this third session. At the beginning, Ibu Mima was distributing papers to us. In that paper, she asked us to write the passage.  It is about our expectation of MMSEL course and its affect our roles as a teacher candidates, our expectation toward SSE and how our learning experiences in SSE influence our roles as a teacher (in the future). We were given the freedom to choose the place that is possible and feel comfortable to write it, even outside the classroom. I wrote down what was asked and feel free. We were given around ten minutes in written it.

Then, after all of us entered the class, Ibu Mima asked us to collect the paper. At the first, I think that we have to read or discuss the paper in the classroom. However, it is just collected and Ibu Mima asked us to do jigsaw reading. We were divided into several groups and each group consists of four or five students. Then, each student has one subtopic which is to read. Of course the topis is about the influence of beliefs on motivation to learn. I got beliefs about intelligence as subtopic which is should I read.

Actually, the article begins with a case of a student named Sarah. She said that she was not good in mathematics, because her mom is not good too. Basically, there are two views of belief about intelligence. Sarah’s case describing an entity view of intelligence, the belief that intelligence is essentially fixed and stable over time. Then, the other one is incremental view of intelligence, the belief that intelligence or ability is not stable and can be increased with effort.

Besides reading the article, I also listening the explanation from other member in my group about rest subtopics. Meti was explained beliefs about future outcomes (expectation), in this subtopic I learn that past experience is the mean factor influencing students or our expectation. So, we should to know students’ expectation in order to design learning method such as scaffolding method. Then, Vanny (usually, I call her as Ms. Perfect) was explained belief about capability (self efficacy). In this subtopic, I learn that self-efficacy strongly influences motivation to learn and promoting high self-efficacy should be important goal for teacher.  After that, Pienta was explained beliefs about value. From that subtopic, I learn about it is true when someone who want to do something always or need to consider about attainment (importance that an individual attaches to doing well on a task), utility (something will be useful for meeting future goals), and cost (consideration of what an individual must give up to engage in the task).

We already got so many theories. I hope, all of us learn and try to apply it, not only for our student (in the future) but also for ourselves.

In this session, I was interested. This session help me in understand why student are and are not. At the first time, I belief that students should always be motivated, but after we shared in the classroom there is a question, “how if our students are over confidence?”. We already agree that the important thing understands our students and know what our students’ needs are.

Thank you very much, my honored lecturer and my beloved friends. All of you always help me in understand the lesson. Because of all of you, I believe I can teach. Not only teach, but also educate…:)