I learned a lot from my third week of MMSEL Course. I am so interested because my lecturer asked us to think more reflective and then discuss our experiences with our friends.

What i like most from my last class is when Ibu Mima asked us to explain what do we thing about our future for ten or fifteen years ahead. My friends gave some different answer to respond this question. There were so many dreams that my friends said like to become the ministry of education, to become a headmaster of her own kindergarten, etc. One of my friends also said that one day he want to travel around the world and then write a book about his experiences. I really loved this activities because this activities push our self to thing reflectively and try to understand our self.

How about my dreams? When Ibu Mima asked me to explain about my dream, i answered that in teen years ahead i imagined people all around the world will read my books. I will be a good writer and become one of the most influential people in the world because of my writing.

Then Ibu Mima asked me “Sufi, what made you really want to be a writer?” I try to collect my past experiences to find the reason. I told her that i love writing since elementary school. I have won many competitions of short stories writing competitions. I also told her that i have a promise to my teacher that someday he will read my book. These experiences create a believe in my heart that i am good in writing some types of short stories. I belief it.

Actually, what Ibu Mima did is to show us how belief influence our life. Ibu Mima taught us about this topic by using Jigsaw Method. I was very interested whit this Jigsaw activity because it gave me a clear idea what belief is and how many kind of it.  There are so many kinds of beliefs for example beliefs about intelligence, future outcomes and utility.

This topic realized me that everyone in the world has different beliefs in life. When i become a teacher, i should consider this as my reflection that my students in my classroom will have different beliefs. They are unique and have goals in the different ways. The most important thing is how to encourage our students with positive beliefs, and sure it should start from my self.