In the third meeting…

Our main topic for this meeting was “The Influence of Beliefs on Motivation to Learn”. What are beliefs? In my own words, belief is anything that you think it is true, that you believe in, that you hold on, that you do not let anyone change whatever they said a bad point about it.

A belief can bring you into your dream, your goal, and your purpose. It can bring you back into your way when you walk out of your line. It will help to remind you when you are doubt in choosing the way back.

This topic is very interesting for me because it is real and exists in my life, our live. Most of my life stories were related to this topic. So this learning process is like I reflected all the things that I remembered and I have ever done before.

The subtopic that I should read and understood in the expert group when we did jigsaw was “Beliefs about Values”. Anderman & Wolters (2006, p.373) said that value is like the benefits or advantages that people believe may result from doing any activity. It means that value is an important aspect of why people want to become engaged in any academic activity or task.

Wigfield & Eccles (2000, 2002) identified three types of values that can influence motivation to learn. The first is attainment value. The second is utility value. The last is cost.

When I was in elementary school, I always got good marks in any tasks which I got especially for mathematics, science, and religion subject. That’s why I thought that those subjects are very easy and joyful. When other students felt so bad if there was an exam about those subjects, I actually was quite in contrary. In my mind, I said that “I must be able finishing those exam fluently :)”.

Here, I believe that I can finish it well because I know that I am capable in doing it.

This is what we called attainment value. You do something when you know that you are capable in it, when you believe that you will be success in doing it.

Now, I am in college. I never said that I like learning English. Hence, I was taking mathematics major in this university. But in fact, I still have to learn English because If my English is bad, I could not pass the graduation although I get very good GPA in my major, mathematics. This is what we called utility value. You do something that you don’t really want just because you know that those things can help you reach your goal or your main purpose. Another example, nowadays people like to take business and management courses because they think that those courses will very useful in their future.

The last but not least, (and this is still happen in my life now 😀 hahaha)…

Actually, I as a scholar have a requirement to be active in my campus. And I tried so. But in other side, I have to do my part time job to get any material that I need to support my life, so that I can go to campus, buy any stuff about school aids, and other things to support me doing my best as a scholar. If I choose to always be active in campus, it means that I could not enough time to get money to support my life, I could not take a bus because no money, I could not be focus if I am hungry, etc.  There are so many things that I should consider of. That is an example of cost, when people consider many things in choosing something that they would do to, this one or that one, which one that has the better advantage, and so on.

I already opened my cards 😀 hahaha… but this is my reflection. How about yours? Every people have their own beliefs and so do me. So, my quotes for today is “never judge someone’s beliefs just by the cover its look like, because everyone has a reason why they chose that thing as their beliefs 🙂

Ester Anitasari – 2009110009