She is not Bu Mima if doesn’t make something difference inside of learning. Hehee… Like in this third meeting, she had “something” to be promoted to support learning. Beginning with two ways communication with us as students, she could make learning became alive. Then, continued by reflection. In this reflection, there are 4 questions, i.e. 1) What are your expectations of this course? 2) What will the course affect your roles as a teacher candidates? 3) What are your expectations toward SSE? 4) How your learning experiences in SSE influence your roles as a teacher (in the future)?

Well, as a teacher candidate, I can see the effectiveness of implementing the reflection itself. First, it can be a media to facilitate students who uncomfortable to share directly. By writing a reflection in a paper, students have more freedom to express what they want to say. Second, it can familiarize students in free writing. One of my friend, after wrote a reflection, said that if she had gone too far in writing, she couldn’t stop. So, I thought it’s good for her. Third, it can be an instrument to improve the teaching and learning MMSEL Class and know what the students’ expectations in this class (related to first question). Last, by this reflection also, I think teacher/lecturer will know the “skeleton” about how their learning will be use after graduation, especially in real life profession (related to other questions above). It’s the last from me, but maybe not for Bu Mima. Hehee…

For the duration of 15 minutes, I wrote all that appeared in my mind. The time looked too fast to reach the last question. The time was running, while I was focus on my writing. Fifteen minutes was up, huuhh… ultimately, I could accomplish the last question as well. Thanks God! You had given me a chance to write all my thinking about my learning background :). To be honest, that’s the activity that I like during the third meeting. That’s a very nice activity I think.

Then, I did jigsaw to discuss “The Influence of Beliefs on Motivation to Learn”. I got material about “Expectation: Beliefs about Future Outcomes”. Paper that I had, told that expectation have strong influence in learning. Students who have high expectation will be difference in motivation of learning toward students who have low expectation. Obviously, past experience is the primary factor influencing expectations. That’s just one that I got. There were many other things I got by sharing with my group members who had learnt other parts of materials. I learnt about beliefs about intelligence, beliefs about capability and beliefs about value. This activity was interesting also. Last but not least, this meeting made me felt glad because I could help one of my friends who had “galau” problem. Hope my tips will be applicable and useful for her to get up from “galau” moment. Hehee… Amin 🙂