The Influence of Beliefs on Motivation to Learn

When I heard about the word Belief, it’s a kind of power for my self. Belief means a feeling of being sure of someone of something exists or that something is true (Webster Dictionary).

On motivation class last Monday, Ms. Mima asked us, “what will you be 5 or 10 years ahead?” She asked all class members and I was the last person to answer it. I dunno what to answer, I swear. But I remembered my promise to my mom. In five or 10 years from now, I want to build my own castle/house (of course with the money I earn, not begging my mom) and I want to give my mom much money so she could not have to work hard anymore J. A simple answer but its really come from my deepest heart. I want to make my family happy. Well, I think my answer is not enough. I need to be something or someone. I really want to be a teacher-educator. Why oh why? Because I thought that being a teacher is not enough. I want to educate my students too.

Then we moved to next activity that is writing. I am really sorry to Ms.Mima because I pay not attention to her. She asked us to make a story that is answer the four questions she gave, but I only answer those questions and not make it into story. The questions are about our expectations and hopes from this course and SSE. Well, I wrote anything I expect and hopes from them but I don’t remember what I wrote last Monday.

Next is Ms.Mima gave us a copy of beliefs on Motivation to Learn. We did the home-expert group discussion and I got the “Beliefs about Value”. Values itself means the benefits, rewards, or advantages that individuals believe may result from participation in a task or activity (Eggen, Kauchak 2010). There are three types of Beliefs about value; Attainment value, Utility value, and cost.

Attainment value is like when you believe you can do it, and then you can do it. The simple example is when I was in High School, I have to pass my sport final exam by running 10 times around soccer field. Waaaaaawww it was so nightmare. But I believe that I can run as fast as my friends and I believe I can pass this exam beautifully without any sickness-after-running. Before running started, I prepare my self by using my iPod to listening beat music and wrote, “You can do it, Pientha!” in my hand. The result is, I was the girl with the fastest-running-10-times-soccer-field in 9 minutes 57 seconds. From my experience, I have to believe and trust on myself but be realistic of what I have. I should not force my self if I can’t do it.

The next value is utility value. Utility value is like you want to do something because you think that the something will be useful for your future. The simple example is in fourth semester, I have to learned calculus 3, which is very difficult-abstract-not logic lesson, because if I am not pass that lesson I would failed in my semester result. Another example is I have to diet because I want to have a perfect and beautiful body in my future ;).

The last value is cost. Cost is a consideration of what an individual must give up to engage in the task. I have an experience on it. When I was in 1st or 2nd semester, my friend (not to mention) asked me to be the pic of sponsorship an event. I rejected it with the reason because I did not want to be more busy and leaving my class to get the sponsor. When I was in high school, I was 2 years dealing with the sponsor. I was boring and I want to try something new. So I proposed to him, I want to be the “seksi perlengkapan”. From that case, the supervisor or my friends seems like don’t like my proposed so they get me out from the committee. I felt “sakit hati” but yeah I’m fine. Totally fine. It was my mistake because I gave up and do not want to try first.

On the last session, Ms.Mima discuss about the expectations, beliefs about intelligence, self-efficacy and belief about values. They are all connected each other. The one which I like most is expectation: beliefs about future outcomes. I should expect much for my future and I should believe on myself that I can get it for my future.

That’s all my reflection for this week.

Cheers 😉

Pientha Glenys Amanti