I bealive that i could be a king of catfish suppliers in indonesia in 1- 2 years from now. I belief that i could stand in front of my very wide “kolam ikan” with a hundred thousands of fishes produces each week. I belief that i could make so many young succesfull enterpreneurship 10 years from now. Also, I do belief that i could live so many employes’ lives. The last one is i belief that those dreams, as soon as possible would become true.

Each of those dreams is belief. Based on Theories of Motivation book we read, what is belief actually? a cognitive idea we accept as true without necessaryly having definitive evidence to support it. We learned these beliefs in the third week. The belief is a big idea how the dreams include a cognitive process. We dont have to proove it, i think it is a force in our heart, that rise after we do know what is our goal, so the “alam bawah sadar” do realize and convince our self, how to get the goals. Then in the next roll, it is what will be the motivation.

So in the last meeting of MMSEL, we did Jigsaw learning. There would be a four group of five member, each of the member learning one part of five types of beliefs, that are belief about future outcomes, belief about intellegence, belief about capabillity, and belief about causes of performance.

What is belief about future outcomes, is like an expectation. The person who ussually got succed in the past time, would have better belief future outcomes, then the person who is just the ordinary one or lower one.

What is belief about capabillity?t is related to self-efficacy or i called it as confident feeling of someone. belief that someone is capable of doing some task, succesfully. what are the factors that influence self-efficacy: past performance- if someone was good on their past, it would make him or her confidence. modelling – if someone see from others that she or he capable, “if he can do it, i am sure that i can do it either. verbal persuassion and psychological state, for me it was just similar, this is the role of teacher to take an action into account in making good self-afficacy.

I got beliefs about intellegence. As i knew, there were two types of it the incremental and entity. For those who beliefs that intellegence is stable and fixed over time, they are entitist viewer. For the opposite, they are incrementalist viewer.

So whats the connection of belief in motivation it self?when you, yourself have a belief obout one thing. For example good mark, or even best mark in class, then the beliefs drives you to do some efforts to reach the good mark or the best one in class. It motivates to do anythings beyond, to reach what you have desired.  That is what we know as motivation, right.

having some beliefs is good for keeping ourself focus. Focus of what we would like to do, to reach what we do want. I think the beliefs is either having connection to the needs, self-background either. Everyone that has different needs, self-background, would have different beliefs. Right.

M. Zaenudin