This week very interesting. For recall about the last meeting, Bu Mima asked to us to mention what is your self-actualization in 5 to 10 years later? Then, all of us answered. Some of us make surprise when they are answered the question. When Bu Mima asked me, I answered that my self-actualization are I wanna be a success teacher and then realize my old dream , become a radio announcer and then I wanna have a poultry farm. I hope I can realize all my dreams. From this activities, I know that I and all my friends have a very different self-actualization. Some of my friend has a simple self- actualization and some of them has a great dream. I hope all of us can make our dreams come true. Amin.

After that activities, Bu Mima asked us to write about the affect of this course to our future. In that paper, I write about my experiences before I come to SSE. This activities very interesting for me. because I can express all my feeling before I come to here until now.

Next, we continue to the next topic which is THE INFLUENCE OF BELIEF OF MOTIVATION. Then, we did jigsaw group. I have an expert group with Vanny, Daen, and Sabrine. We discuss about the Self-Efficacy. From this discussion I understand that Self-Efficacy is belief about Capability. What the differences with Self- Concept is Self-efficacy is more specific. There are 4 factors that Influencing Self- Efficacy.

  • Past Performance ; for example increases a person’s self-efficacy for giving future reports.


I hope I can explore about this and also reflect it to my self.


Eritha Aprimida.