Still about motivation…

Sometimes we need to stop doing activities to make a reflection, but sometimes when we do something, suddenly we can reflect something that never been thought before.

For me, the second case is appropriate for this second session class of MMSEL. How come?


In this session, we did role play. There were five groups in the class. Every group had its own topic to be rolled. My group got the topic about “The need for competence”. The little topic that my group chose was about “Emotional Reaction”. We should prepare the role play in about fifteen minutes.

Somehow, there is a teacher who gives an over-reaction about students’ attitude within learning process. Either it is a successes or failure. My group was focus in this case.


I rolled as the teacher who had that over reaction. I scolded my student who could not do the exercise in front of the class. I also praised my student who could do the exercise fluently.


That teachers’ reaction would bring an impact for both students, whether it is a good impact or the bad one.

The self-esteem of the student who got a failure and then he or she was pressed by the teacher reaction, will decrease suddenly. He or she would think that he or she is not competence in that subject.

For example the teacher said, “You are very foolish”, the students would remember it a long their lives until someone can change its perception. Maybe, he or she cannot trust in his or her competence anymore.


Besides, when the teacher could give a good reaction in the failure of students, maybe it will change their lives. They will get new spirit from the teacher.

For example, when the students get a failure then the teacher said, “Its ok for now. You can study again at home. If you do much practice, you will be a good writer”, etc (another positive respond or reaction that can increase their motivation and belief of their competence).


Teachers can be a hero for the students, but they also can be a devil.

Teachers can be a light for the students, but they also can be a dark.

Teachers can be a cicerone for the students, but they can also be a heretic.

Teachers can be a beautiful flower for the students, but they can also be a parasite.

Teachers can be a honey for the students, but they can also be a poison.


You! Teachers! Who choose,

want to be a hero or devil,

light or darkness,

cicerone or heretic,

beautiful flower or parasite,

honey or poison,


or death…


What will you choose then? 🙂



Ester Anitasari – 2009110009