by Synta Canydia

This is our second week in MMSEL Class.

The class started and review again about theories of motivation a bit. I like it so much when Ms Mima asked questions about how we motivate someone we close with to learn. Some of my friends shared their thought about that topic. It reminded me alot about the humanism theory. So basically, we often use this approach when interacting in real life, not only in teaching and learning context. 🙂

Then, we also discussed about Needs. This is not a so ‘new’ concept for me but my memory about that is kind of fading now. So, I glad we talked about it again. Since, needs will effect our motivation, it is important to understand our needs. The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explained that people have two level of needs. The deficiency needs come before the growth needs. It is said that we need to fulfill our basic need in order to reach our self-actualization needs. For example, sometimes we barely can’t think about a serious mathematical problem when we are so busy thinking about how to get food to make our stomach full. We need our self-actualization need but it is difficult to reach that level without fulling our basic needs. In teaching and learning, we have to consider this part as an important issue. In some cases, there would be students who have problems in learning because teacher can not realize what the students actually need, not what we think they need.

The most exciting part in this session was when we do role play in groups. Every group got different sub topics and have to performed it right away at that time. I am not a typical ‘actor-like-student’. I don’t enjoy acting or drama very much but i like to watch it. I watched the performance of each group carefully and tried to guessed what topic they were trying to convey. I guessed it all correct: The Need for Competence, The Need of Relatedness, The Need of Autonomy and The Need of Preserve Self-Worth (the topic of our own group). The performances were very good and I learned so much from it. It was about how teacher can influence students’ perception about their competence by giving appropriate “praise & criticism” and “emotional reaction” to students. It also told about story of an ‘outlier’ in a class. This is not supposed to be happened. Teacher should facilitates all students to be actively participate in the teaching and learning process. Students also want their voices to be heard. Teachers need to consider students’ choice and give them chance to choose. Our group story was about a student who lies about not-studying at night in order to preserve his self-worth. Trough this role play, I got a pretty clearer image about those kind of needs stated above. It will stock in my head longer if I can see by myself that particular concepts in real life, rather than just read it in books alone.

Hope to learn more about motivation in teaching and learning soon.. 🙂