Hi guys, back with MMSEL class again, second week. As usual, i begin my reflection with the story. Here is the story begin.

“There were “x” female student in my “y” high school. She always lie to every student in my school, every moment she had. I did not know why, but my prediction was she just wanted to become first-full attention (she thought that she had never been noted as a friend). She always said something as if she was competent in the part of her story, or in other words she was just trying to say that she was good on it.

She always wanted to show that she was good, but she was not with what she had done, told so many lies. You know what was next?everybody was hate and tried to ignore her.

In my observation, she was not too good on academic. Mostly she never did her group homework because she always came home earlier. She knew she would be rejected, so i think she decided not to be active in group work.

There was somebody which is my classmate wanted to know why she had been like that. She guessed that it was because her family. Maybe there was something wrong with it. But her guess was just wrong; my “x” friend was accepted firmly in her family. It was good, peaceful, but sometimes her mother spoke with a high tone, seemed she grew up in a tough family environment.

With the ignorance of friends, she became loner. Mostly she wanted to do anything alone. Like nobody in class knew her that she was exist in this world.

In a big picture; Maslow divided needs into two big category, deficiency need and growth need. After i studied MMSEL in second week material, the influence on motivation to learn, i could know why she did that. If i related it in theory of Maslow, She just wanted to fulfill the deficiencies need. It is showed when she lie to everybody that she was good on something, she needed recognition and approval. She also needed love and acceptance from peers; she always tried to show that she knew everything. She just wanted to be accepted.

I also learned about the need of self-determination, the need to preserve self worth. The need for competence showed in my “x” friend wanted to be looked as she were competence, she thought that she needed to have self determination, or “need for competence” in spesific, so she could control the environment. Make her self esteem rised.

Another form of needs of competence is by attributional statement and also prise or criticsm: which is expected by my “x” friend come to her about his performence in “fake story”.

I also learn about self handicapping, it was new for me. Self handicapping is strategies to protect self worth. People always try to find reasons when they are failed. They are ashamed to other people if they were failed. It is purposed to make their self esteem is protected, for example failing in examination (i could get better score than this, i was just wrong in reading material)

see? with the power of needs, people could motivate themselves to do anything to reach their needs. How if it is related to learning? Students want to get higher score, and then they would energize themselves to achieve the goals, high mark. It is motivation. So it is showed that needs has a relationship with motivation.


Muhammad Zaenudin